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Tanner Reviews Stranded Deep

Stranded-Deep-BEAM-Team-Games-Steam-Early-Access-1It is very rare that I see a Steam Pre-Release that I enjoy. Typically, I detest the process as nothing more than developers tricking gamers into buying woefully unfinished games. They than claim that they are ‘out of beta’ and sometimes make gamers buy the game all over again. But in this instance, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the immersive experience given to us by Beam Team Games, Stranded Deep. A story that doesn’t  take a page from the movie Castaway’s book, but takes the entire book itself down to the point that Wilson makes a cameo appearance, Stranded Deep is one of those games that you can find yourself lost in for days.

In the story of Stranded Deep, you take on the role as a nameless jet-setter on his trip across the Pacific Ocean. However, things do not go right as the plane goes down in the Pacific and the pilots are killed. You, being the only survivor, find your way to a life raft and have to paddle to a random island. After that, it is the story of survival as you craft yourself weapons, house, and forage for food in order to survive this deserted island chain. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Stranded Deep”