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NTSOE: Episode 18: Female Superheroes

On this episode of NTSOE, Fiona and I discuss female superheroes and how they have changed in comic books and movies over the years! I hope you all enjoy and please subscribe for more reviews and podcasts.

From the Vaults: The Faculty

The_Faculty_movie_posterIt is that time of the week again and I am still feeling that 2016 new year hangover. Fear not, I will be going to the movies soon so I can waste my time with some of October and the Oscar’s dumping ground that is January. But for now, I will dig something out of the vaults to give it a little bit of nostalgic talk. Whenever I came up with the ‘From the Vault’ reviews, I always wanted this to not just be my filler reviews where I just talk about some random ass movies. Whenever I brought something out of the vault, I did want a legitimate reason to discuss it. Whether or not this was to take a second look at a movie that received criticism it did not deserve or a look at a bygone age and the movies that represented it. So today, I want to bring up the 1990’s and more importantly, 1990’s horror movies. The 90’s were a weird time. After the cocaine comedown of the 80’s, the 90’s became a time of rampant cynicism. It was seen in movies, television, culture. The idea of flaunting the establishment and horrific nihilism was the mainstay of our culture. This was reflected in our cinema as well. You see this, ‘fuck the past, they didn’t understand how the world works’ type of attitude popped up a lot when it came to movies. Particularly one that had a pro 90’s grunge look to it.

Movies like Wes Craven’s Scream were a perfect example of this. It was a type of filmmaking that seemed to poke fun at the tropes of the past in an irreverent sort of way. Basically saying that all horror movies had certain rules that needed to be abided and that if you followed them then you would be able to survive a horror movie. Many movies liked to look back at the past with a sort ‘anything you can do, we can do better’ type of mentality. It was certainly a product of its time and dependent upon who you talk to, is either a solid part of 90’s cinema or a much appreciated end to a terrible movie trope.

I find it interesting that it is Scream that receive the majority of derision from critics of this type of 90’s movie making when there are certainly much worse culprits out there. I guess it does help to be the most well known, even if you aren’t the worst culprit. But today, I would like to bring to light the Robert Rodriguez movie, The Faculty.

One of the more forgotten movies of the 90’s, The Faculty is the quintessential movie that says ‘Yeah, we are the 90’s and we do stuff better than the past.’ What is basically just a recreating of Invasion of the Body Snatchers down to the point that they directly reference it in the film, the movie is a decent creation but ultimately a poorly aged execution. Continue reading “From the Vaults: The Faculty”

Tanner Reviews Pokemon Indigo League

Pokemonseason1DVDBoxSetSadly due to my schedule and working on some other projects, I was unable to get to the movie theater this week. However, I was able to work in front of a television screen that just happened to have Netflix on it and if I can’t do a latest released review, then I can sure as hell get all kinds of nostalgic on this site. As luck would have it, just recently Netflix has acquired the first 52 episodes of the original season of Pokemon, Pokemon Indigo League as well as Pokemon Black and White as well as the movies that accompany it. So needless to say I have been reliving my childhood, having not see them for several years up until now. So needless to say with the nostalgia bug tickling me and my critic senses tingling, this review was an inevitability. I loved the original episodes of Pokemon growing up, in fact my entire elementary school and some of middle school was dominated by the concept of these tiny little Darwin monsters that you put into cock fights. So does a television show that was the culmination of my youthful mind stand the test of time as I have become an adult?… Well let’s just say that it was exactly what I was expecting to see. Childhood nostalgia in an okay television show whose main purpose is to sell its copious amounts of products to its fan base. It is my love for the original G1 Transformers all over again. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Pokemon Indigo League”

Tanner Reviews Her

Her2013PosterThis was certainly an interesting watch to say the least. I have never been a big fan of Spike Jonze. At most his movies have left me either ambivalent or just out right annoyed. Where the Wild Things Are was probably his most redeemable movie in my eyes (I do not like Being John Malkovich). Nothing against the guy personally, just never been a fan of his movies or his writing. Plus, while we are on the subject of people in the film industry that I just do not care for, Joaquin Phoenix also makes that list. The guy has had some problems with just being an eccentric wacko and whenever he steps away from the public eye for his various reasons, I have not been disappointed that I would no longer see his acting. So naturally, when I hear about Her, a story starring Phoenix and directed by Jonze, I did not have high hopes. At most, I was expecting a decently done yet overtly pretentious movie in which a guy wants to have sex with a computer. That being said… This was a great movie. All things considered, this movie could have been absolutely dreadful with a touchy premise such as this. In lesser hands, this movie could have become an appalling movie where a guy has sex with his phone for two hours. But instead we got an excellent story about one man finding something to overcome a horrible divorce. So in other words, both Phoenix and Jonze have won me over on this one. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Her”

Tanner Reviews Thief

256px-Thief_box_artSo we keep marching onward into the barren wasteland of gaming that is the year of 2014 with the reboot of a series that we have not seen for nearly a decade, Thief. Riding off the coat tails of popular games and ideas like BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us, and Dishonored, this game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix limped onto the scene practically dead upon arrival. I do not know if I should fault Thief for this. It isn’t like there are games that are blowing the doors off the gaming community with boring titles and unoriginal concepts. But even with that on the plate, Thief seems to take that extra effort to be boring and unoriginal by practically lifting concepts and ideas from much better games, executing them poorly, and have a boring story line to make sure that we are asleep after the first thirty minutes of playing this game. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Thief”

Cheesy Romance Month: Just Go With It

Just_Go_with_It_PosterSo we come to an end of Cheesy Romance Month. We have looked at our cheesy romances through the ages. We took a trip back to the 80’s with John Hughes’ Sixteen Candleswe went to the 90’s and witnessed the tandem of Nora Ephron and Meg Ryan’s rom com magic in You’ve Got Mailand last week we took at look at the early 2000’s and Matthew McConaughey’s patented movie poster power lean with How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysSo now it is only fitting that we look to the future! We are only now reaching the halfway mark of the 2010’s and it is hard to see where the trends are going to go. What will future decades think of when they look back at 2010’s rom coms? Will we as a society look back at the 2010’s and have fond memories of Rom Com’s the likes of Silver Lining’s Playbook or will we look back on the 2010’s with the disdain and disgust of another Happy Madison abomination squeezed out of Adam Sandler’s ass cheeks, Just Go With It. Based on the movie that gave Goldie Hawn her only Academy Award Cactus Flower, the movie featuring Jennifer Aniston and Sandler is an example of just how bad a cheesy romantic comedy can actually go. Continue reading “Cheesy Romance Month: Just Go With It”

Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Degeneration

BioDPosterA long time ago, back when the concept of this site was in the works; I created a video where I reviewed Resident Evil Degeneration. Now, I think I deleted it from YouTube… But if I did not and you happen to stumble across it, I implore you to please turn down your volume before you push play. I apparently forgot that I could project my voice in that video and I spend the vast majority of the fifteen minutes screaming at the camera lens like a deranged lunatic. But either way I thought I would give it another go in a much more… sane attempt to review the movie. So… On to Resident Evil Degeneration.

I have come to the conclusion that as long as this site exists, Resident Evil is just going to be a thing that appears from time to time. I covered the retrospective of all of the games. But there are still just so many more things to look at, that horrendously bad movie franchise by Paul WS Anderson that is the bane of my existence. The new animated movie franchise that includes this film and the latest release Resident Evil Damnation which we will get to at a later date. We also cannot forget the gaming franchise is still going… All be it in dire straits. So yeah… Resident Evil is something that just isn’t going to go away as far as this site is concerned.  Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Degeneration”

Cheesy Romance Month: You’ve Got Mail

220px-You've_Got_MailSo it is February… That barren wasteland of a month when winter is shitting out its last ‘screw you and all the love ones you hold dear’ snow storms while we wait anxiously for spring to come and thaw us out of our ice encased tombs. So of course this ‘beautiful’ time of the year is the perfect time to have the holiday in which we celebrate our undying love for each other in a whirlwind of consumerism and cheesy romance. February is often considered the month of love thanks to that one special holiday smack dab in the middle of it, Valentines Day. It is a day when those in committed relationships shower each other with gifts of chocolate, goofy stuffed animals, and going out on dates. Meanwhile the singles sit at home pretending the day does not exist as the voice in the back of our head screams at us, questioning if we will ever find that certain special someone. Continue reading “Cheesy Romance Month: You’ve Got Mail”

Tanner and Brandon Review Animated Short Films

Instead of seeing the ‘Superb Owl’, Brandon, Shaila, and I went to see the Five Animated Short Films and three honorable mentions nominated at the 86th Academy Awards. Brandon and I decided to jump on the camera and give our reactions.

List of Short Films reviewed include:

Get a Horse!
Mr. Hublot
Room on the Broom
The Lost Scarf
A La Francais
The Blue Umbrella

Continue reading “Tanner and Brandon Review Animated Short Films”

Tanner Reviews Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

FC3_Blood_Dragon_CoverAnyone who has been following me since I started this site knows that I do not have positive things to say about the video game Far Cry 3 (I HATE IT). If you would want to read my review, you can do so by clicking on the link here. So when I heard that Far Cry 3 had an awesome DLC called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I did not even think of giving it a shot. First off, I do not review DLCs and second, more importantly, why would I want to play a DLC of a game I do not like. All it will do is add some more maps or at best decent side plot like they did in Skyrim. Then… I saw trailers for the game… And I just had to play it… Jesus Christ! This is a game that I have been missing in my life!!! This game is amazing! Why couldn’t this game be the main game?! A game set in the ‘distant future’ of 2007 with all the cheese and glory that only science fiction action 1980’s glory can bring us, this game is a blast to the past.

Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon”