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Tanner Reviews The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts

I'm falling asleep staring at the box cover.
I’m falling asleep staring at the box cover.

PIECE OF SHIT!!! This game is a piece of shit! Thank God I have the rule that I rent a game before I pay the full price for it because Dear Lord Walking Dead: Survival Instincts is a failure on just about every level that you can possibly fail at a video game. I guess it was expected. I mean The Walking Dead cannot continue to ride the high kite forever. Eventually something would have to come out that fails even with fans of series. But man I didn’t think this game would sink that far. Rushed, unfinished, clunky, poorly rendered, bad plot, bad direction, are just a few phrases we could use to describe this thing! Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts”

Tanner Reviews the Walking Dead (TV Series)

The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC

So on my first post back from my hiatus I thought I would tackle something that was very near and dear to my heart and that is The Walking Dead. I am going to be honest I love The Walking DeadI have collected every comic since they came out, I have been a fan since 2001, it remains my personal favorite comic book and is one of my most regular watched shows. While I do not agree with everything they do, I do overall like the show and have it DVRed so I can watch it whenever I like. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews the Walking Dead (TV Series)”