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The Best and Worst WCW Champions of All Time

20120217_WCW_WorldtitleSo with the end of the 2015 HvZ:Athens Spring Invitational, I am currently in the come down phase of the adrenaline rush and my body and mind are absolutely dead. With that being said, I just do not have the energy to sit through another exploitation movie to review, so I am going to do an easy list featuring professional wrestling once again. Surprisingly enough, the WCW World Championship was one of the easiest to list.

Out of all the wrestlers who held the belt, almost all of them either fit into the excellent category and the rest fit into the horrific piles of dog shit category. After putting them into their two categories, it was just a matter of finding a place for them. The WCW Championship was a belt that found itself either in the hands of someone who dragged its prestige to the depths of the abyss, while at the same time having the next wrestler bring it back up to its former glory. So with that being said, we are going to look at the Top 5 Best and Worst WCW Champions of all time! Continue reading “The Best and Worst WCW Champions of All Time”

Tanner Reviews Scream

Scream_movie_posterLet’s talk about one of the most popular horror franchises of all time and at the same time one of the most controversial. Scream is certainly a polarizing movie to be sure. Many claim that the Scream franchise is one of the smartest modern-day horror franchises that pays homage to the classic horror films of the 1980’s by bringing to the front the certain set of ‘rules’ that horror movies seem to follow. Others, on the other hand see it as nothing more than a poorly created spoof on par with that of the Scary Movie franchise that originally took its primary influence from Scream. Many say that instead of paying homage to the old slasher movies that they in fact make fun of the people who enjoy them for liking them and making the genre in and of itself look like little more than a poorly conceived joke. What is my opinion on the matter? Well that is the reason that this review is being written today, let’s take a look at this franchise and see why is it certain people love it and while certain people hate it. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Scream”