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5 Deaths that Devastated Fandoms

It is a sad fact of life, but where there is a fandom of fervent fans who absolutely love a TV show, movie series, or video game… There is going to be deaths so tragic that it just brings a tear to your eye at the mere sound or sight of their name. Those characters that will always be remembered tragically and with contempt for the creators for taking our beloved treasures away from us. This list is to commemorate 5 of those characters who left us with a void in our heart that simply could not be replaced.

So here are the Rules
One character per franchise. Harry Potter has a plethora of tragic deaths… But only one can be chosen.
The character has to stay dead or have a complete character redesign.
There is no rhyme or reason to this list. It is just ten characters whose deaths hurt the most.
If I missed someone from your favorite fandom, I’ll be honest it might just be because I missed it… Or I just don’t care about that particular fandom.
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Tanner Reviews The Day of the Doctor

200px-Poster_Day-of-the-DoctorNormally I am not one to review stand alone episodes of a series. Well actually I’m not really one to review television period with few exceptions of course. But I felt that given the circumstances of this particular episode I can make an exception an give my thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of one of my favorite television shows, Doctor Who. From 1963-2013 the television screen has been graced with The Doctor and all of his amazing adventures… It is really hard to believe. But with a show as long tenured and popular as Doctor Who, I think it goes without saying that the 50th Anniversary Special needed to pull out all the stops… And Steven Moffat did not disappoint in the slightest. With the return of previous Doctors like Tom Baker, Paul McGann (in one of the prequels), David Tennant, and the new addition of John Hurt as the War Doctor, and of course the current Doctor Matt Smith… This really was a truly special experience for any Whovian.

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Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Who are the Best and Worst Representations of The Doctor on Doctor Who

downloadOn this episode of The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth, Brandon and I take a look at the British Television Show Doctor Who and try to answer the question, just who is the best and worst portrayals of the crazy man in the big blue box. Continue reading “Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Who are the Best and Worst Representations of The Doctor on Doctor Who”