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Tanner’s Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures… We all have them. It is just a fact of life, no matter how refined our tastes are for certain media we will never escape the fact that there are some movies, television shows, anime, books, and so on and so forth that we KNOW for a fact are absolute steaming piles of shit… But for whatever reason whether it be nostalgia, a certain performance, or just the fact that it is so bad that it is wonderful we just cannot stop watching them. Anybody who says that they do not have a guilty pleasure is either A) too embarrassed to admit to their guilty pleasure or B) lying to themselves saying that it is actually good to make themselves feel better about liking something that is terrible. It is just a fact of life and I am absolutely no exception. I freely admit that I have a long list of guilty pleasures that I thoroughly enjoy watching and have no problem sharing them with you right now in my Top Ten Guilty Pleasures!

Keep in mind, the way that this Top 10 list will be ranked is by the level of badness of the movie + shame that I feel for liking them. Also keep in mind that this is my own personal list. If you would like to share your opinions then please do so, I would absolutely love to hear it. Also if you do not think these movies are bad, please share them. I would love to debate. But make no mistake, if a movie appears on this list, it is in this critics opinion that technically they are absolutely terrible movies, but at the same time I absolutely love them! So let’s get started with some honorable mentions. Continue reading “Tanner’s Top 10 Guilty Pleasures”

Tanner Reviews Debbie Does Dallas

225px-DebbiedoesdallasI think it is time that we delve into the ‘adult’ movies that the film industries have produced over the years. Ever since the moving pictures were created it was almost a forgone conclusion that pornography would be the next logical step and ever since then when there has been movies, there has been sleazy porn to follow behind it to profit on our most basic instincts. With the way the internet is today, porn is something that is easy to access en masse in small 10-20 minute videos. But back in the pre-internet days, pornographic movies were its own thriving system with their own theaters, genres, and so forth. The Golden Age of Porn in the 1970’s gave birth to many ‘unique’ experiences in film making. But out of all of these movies, there are few that can top the iconic status of one of the biggest Pornos that has ever existed, Debbie Does Dallas. Starring porn legends Bambi Woods and Robert Kerman (under the pseudonym Richard Bolla), Debbie Does Dallas is one of the most underrated comedic movies of the 1970’s. I do find it a shame that a movie like this is looked down on because it is a porno. Granted, its fellow adult movies which include the likes of Hardgore and Pirates might not help its case. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Debbie Does Dallas”

Tanner Reviews Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal_Holocaust_movieSo in honor of the success of my quiz at CUPS Coffee and Tea in Roanoke Virginia (Shameless plug status achieved), let’s talk about a film that was the answer to one of the questions on my quiz… Which also happens to be one of the most violent, gory, disturbing, and controversial films ever made. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Cannibal Holocaust”