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Crit or Miss Special: The Problem with GURPS

On the first “Special” episode of Crit or Miss, Tanner discusses a dark cloud that follows around one of the greatest RPGs ever made, GURPS.

Crit or Miss: Broomstix

On this episode of Crit or Miss, Tanner takes a look at his first Harry Potter RPG from Memento Mori Games, Broomstix!

NTSOE: Overwatch

After I started playing Overwatch, the Project Derailed Crew and I recorded a NTSOE podcast to discuss it in greater detail. I thought I would also share it on here for your auditory pleasure.

Project Derailed Posts and Updates

ProjectDerailedLogo-Header-1As most of you are aware, I have now joined forces with my friends on the website Project Derailed. I have been writing site specific stuff for them this past week since the site has been back up and I thought I would share the links for all of you so you can check them out as well:

Top Ten Most Iconic D&D Monsters

Top Eight Terrible Video Games… In Excellent Franchises

Give them a check and also subscribe for more from Project Derailed!