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The Best Movies of 2016

2016 can finally be put to bed for me. I can now focus on the 2017 movies… Which is in January… The literal graveyard of movies where shitty horror movies and poorly conceived Oscar bait dwell… OH GOD HELP ME! But… Before I wade waist deep in the cesspool that is January movies, I do want to have one last fond memory of movies that made me smile in 2016. So this is the annual list of the greats, the Best Movies of 2016!

I do want to reiterate like the broken record that I am that these are ONLY MOVIES I HAVE SEEN AND REVIEWED! It you are wondering why a movie got a snub from me, it is probably because I did not see it. I try to see as many movies as possible. But I am just one man on the internet working on a grad student budget. I’m not exactly swimming in the cash.

I also want to state one more time that this is the BEST movies of 2016, not Tanner’s FAVORITE movies of 2016. That would be an amazingly different list. I am judging movies on the quality of the movie, the ambition of the product, and the staying power of a film in the history of cinema. So even though one movie was my favorite, it might not even be on this list at all. So with those said, let’s get this list kicked off with an honorable mention. Continue reading “The Best Movies of 2016”

Tanner Reviews Moana

moana_teaser_posterSorry for the delayed post. Life has been hectic since I got home. But I think things are starting to settle down a little bit. But over the Thanksgiving weekend, I got to see the latest Disney movie, Moana. What more can I say? The movie is fucking wonderful! Of course it is wonderful! It is Disney! Their absolute worst is great and their movies are constantly a symbol for childhoods for damn near a century. So yeah, Moana is stellar and I am soon going to tell you all the reasons why.

Moana is, naturally, the story of Moana (Auli’i Cravalho). She is the daughter of the chief and as such, has to lead her people. However, Moana truly wants to sail past the reef, something that is forbidden by her people. However, after things start dying on the island, Moana’s grandmother, Tala (Rachel House) reveals that their people used to be voyagers on the sea and that she is chosen to save the earth by returning the heart of Tefiti to its rightful home after it was stolen by the mischievous Maui (Dwayne Johnson).

So Moana sets off to find Maui and return the Heart of Tefiti to its proper place, thus restoring balance and saving the world. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Moana”