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Double Feature: How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Down: Into the Dark

So for the first set of reviews for the now WRITTEN Double Feature, we have two VERY different movies from two very different mediums of released. We have the family friendly conclusion to the How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy and lauded television series. Then we have a fascinating little horror movie disguised as a Rom Com in Down: Into the Dark which is brought to us from Hulu. So, all things considered, I am about to dish out some serious whip last when it comes to reviews for these two movies. Continue reading “Double Feature: How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Down: Into the Dark”

Tanner Reviews Home

Home_(2015_film)_posterHuzzah! I have survived finals week! Hopefully now I can get on my right and proper schedule. But, for now treat myself to a ‘wonderful’ movie watching experience! You know, I could say that a movie like Home is a movie that is just not made for me. But on the other hand, I do know the difference between a good kids movie and a bad kids movie. Yes, all a kids movie really NEEDS to do is to be a 90 minute distraction for the little kids to sit down and stare at a screen instead of driving their parents up a wall, but the true great kids movies are timeless classics. Home most certainly is not a timeless classic.

Home is the story of an alien race called the Boov. This race of aliens, on the run from an alien race called the Gorg, does a quick and bloodless conquest of earth as they move humans to other parts of the world and take their homes. One Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons) is a particularly annoying Boov and the rest of the Boovs do not seem to like him. One day, he sends an invitation to his housewarming party to other Boov but, out of all those silly hijinks, he accidentally pushes reply all and sends it to all the sentient creatures who exist! Including the Gorg!

So after making this bone headed move, Oh meets a preteen girl with the voice of a thiry five year old woman driving a car named Tip (Rhianna)… Yeah I don’t get it either. She was separated from her mother after the Boov invaded, sparking even more hatred for their kind. The two come together and hijinks ensue as the pair have to stop the reply all from reaching the Gorg and finding Tip’s mother with the help of Tip’s car now fueled by 7/11 slushie machines. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Home”