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100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time: 40-31

We are certainly hitting the home stretch! Now that we are getting into the top 40 of the Greatest Wrestlers of All Time, we are starting to get to the point where we know who is in the Top 40… We just wonder where they are going to fall. Please be sure to check the other links as well to get the full list.

Honorable Mention
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Top 100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time 80-71

The list continues! We started with the honorable mentions, then moved on from 100-91, 90-81, and now we hit 80-71. If you would like to check out the other parts of this list, please check the links below.

Honorable Mentions
100 Greatest Wrestlers 100-91
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Top 100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time 90-81

This list just keeps on coming doesn’t it? Listed below are the honorable mentions as well as 100-91. So we will keep this going with the wrestler ranked 90 and through 81 and next week it will be 80-71. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions
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Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time

oI am ready for the hate I am about to receive for this list. There are a number of wrestlers, both past and present, who receive WAY TOO MUCH adoration and praise from the fans for being sub par athletes, sub par on the mic, or are just plain dull. So this list is going to include 20 wrestlers and a few honorable mention who have received more praise then they deserve over the years. This is the Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time.

I should also state that this list will include wrestlers outside of the WWE sphere. While the primary focus is on WWE, WCW, and ECW talent due to the fact that this is a US centric list, you will also find wrestlers from NJPW, AAA, NWA, and so forth. With that said, I’m ready to prepare for the hate! Let’s get to some dishonorable mentions. Continue reading “Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time”

WWE Specials: Best and Worst WWE’s ECW Champions

ECWchampbeltThe special continues with a title belt with an interesting history; The ECW World Championship. What started out as the top belt in Extreme Championship Wrestling (formerly Eastern Championship Wrestling) was resurrected when Vince McMahon and the WWE attempted to cash in on the ECW Brand at their disposal by having their own ECW event. What started out as an honest effort to resurrect the brand quickly failed to capture the hype of the original and after the December to Dismember fiasco, was soon turned into the precursor to WWE’s NXT. The premise being several young up and comers competing with a handful of seasoned veterans until they were ready to be shuffled on to Raw or SmackDown. Out of the ECW’s titles, the World title was the only one to be revived by the ECW branding.

While considered on par with titles such as the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship, the ECW World Championship did not have the emphasis that it once did and only a small handful of the WWE’s ECW champions held the title when it was still ECW only property. But that does not mean that the title didn’t have its fair share of stars and duds to hold the strap, which is what we are looking at today.

KEEP IN MIND (DISCLAIMER) This ECW Championship list is to commemorate WWE ONLY ECW champions. So you will not be seeing Shane Douglas, Sabu, Sandman, and so forth on this list. That is a list for another day. Plus, as always if you disagree with this list which is my own personal opinion, then please leave a comment and we can discuss. Continue reading “WWE Specials: Best and Worst WWE’s ECW Champions”

Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss (9/11/2014)

Tonight we are going to take a break from movies and video games and talk about pro wrestling. I used to love pro wrestling as a kid… I think just about every kid does at some point and as I have gotten older I have come to find a new respect for what those athletes do night after night with the long hours and grueling matches just to put on a show and to entertain the masses. Truly when you look at professional wrestling you see a show with story and colorful characters that just never seems to end and always seems to evolve with the times. Over the years World Wrestling Entertainment after its acquisitions of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling has seen its fair share of titles come and go with the years. Sometimes belt out last their usefulness, other times they are prematurely cut down. But I decided that tonight would be a good night to discuss a little Pro Wrestling with the Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss!

Before we get into this list please keep in mind that this is my personal list. If you disagree, please send me a message, I love a good debate. Also to make this list, these titles have to be defunct and no longer active in any way in the company. Thus titles that have been revived like the United States Championship will not make it on this list. Continue reading “Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss (9/11/2014)”