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100 Greatest Wrestlers of All time 60-51

I am sorry for the delays on this one. I do want to get the rest of this list out once I realized the popularity of the list. To move on! Let’s discuss 60-51! If would like the other parts of this list they are linked below.

Honorable Mentions
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Top 20 Favorite WWE Matches of All Time

So… Considering the fact that I did the most hated list, I have to do my favorite list of all time! That is how this shit works! A couple of things before we get started, just like last time this is my favorite matches of all time, not the best. While the two will coincide, it is not a list that means that it is the best, it is simply the ones that I love to read. With that being said, let’s get to the matches that I love to watch. Continue reading “Top 20 Favorite WWE Matches of All Time”

WWE Special: Best and Worst World Heavyweight Championship

WorldHeavyweightChampionshipWe continue forward with our special on the Best and Worst champions of the WWE with one of the most prestigious titles to grace the ring, the World Heavyweight Championship. Before it was just recently unified with the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship was a belt created by the WWE in order to give a Champion for each brand, Raw and SmackDown when the two brands split in the early 2000’s. While it may not boast a long and distinguished history like the WWE Championship belt, it does have the honor of being held by some of the greatest talents in pro wrestling history. So we continue this special with a list of the best and worst wrestlers to hold the World Heavyweight Championship.

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Tanner Reviews Remember Me

Remember_Me_(Capcom_game_-_cover_art)Two parts Assassin’s Creed, one part Uncharted, a dash of cyberpunk, a tablespoon of Mass Effect, and just a pinch of a Stephenie Meyer teenage drama; follow these simple steps and you will have your very own Remember Me. This ‘new and original’ creation from CAPCOM is not bad per say but more of this strange amalgamation of games before it. This isn’t something that is new. The idea of ‘borrowing’ concepts from other games has been going on since the creation of video games. But at least most of those games added some elements of original concepts. This game just seems like they put ideas on a dartboard and whatever ideas got struck with darts is what they went with. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Remember Me”