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Crit or Miss: Blood

On this episode of Crit or Miss, Blood has the misfortune of coming up against its worst nemesis… Overworked Cranky Tanner

Crit or Miss: Spirit of 77

On the latest episode of Crit or Miss, Tanner picks back up the books to look at one of the most hard rocking games in existence from MonkeyFun Studios… Spirit of 77!

Crit or Miss: The Thing: Who Goes There?

On this episode of Crit or Miss, I take on the Scribd downloaded passion product of Michael Tresca based on the John Carpenter close quarter masterpiece, The Thing!

Crit or Miss: Beast the Primordial

On the latest episode of Crit or Miss, Tanner tackles one of the newest games released in the Chronicles of Darkness line, Beast the Primordial. Will I get a crit or will the Nat-1’s just keep piling up? I guess you will just have to watch the video to find out.

Crit or Miss: Episode 1: Wetsuit

So, with a new year comes new ambitions or a reignition of old ambitions. I have always wanted my website to be a mixed content of written and visual medium. But I have not been able to find the time to truly get into the work. This year I am making an effort to release more video content as well as written content!

THUS, this is the first episode in an entertainment web series known as Crit or Botch. On Crit or Botch, I will be discussing pen and paper roleplaying games and roleplaying games of all kinds. There are thousands out there just waiting to be torn fifteen new assholes by your’s truly. We start off this run with an obscure RPG based on a 1993 television show called Wetsuit. Described as Baywatch meets Mad Max, this game is just as terrible sounding as the premise.

So, please, like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more episodes of Crit or Botch as well as other videos pertaining to movies that will be coming soon.

Tanner Reviews Tomb Raider (2013)

TombRaider2013When I first saw that they were creating a prequel to Tomb Raider, one of the best games of all time and staring everyone’s favorite buxom fortune hunter Lara Croft I will admit that I had my reservations.

Generally speaking and from my own personal experience I have never seen prequels to be a good thing… at all… for any media… There are some decent sequels out there, some damn good ones, and some that are so good that they overshadow the original premise. But good prequels are even fewer and far between. I rarely see a ‘decent’ one and almost never see a legitimately good one. Usually there are forced retcons and details that completely changes the whole dynamic that the game, film, TV Show, Comic Book, or whatever. I did not feel that Tomb Raider would be the exception to that rule. I thought my best expectation was that it would be like Resident Evil 0. It would be a decent game, with decent graphics, and okay play through but eventually would be lost to time and overshadowed by much better games in the franchise. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Tomb Raider (2013)”

Tanner Reviews Boondock Saints

The_Boondock_Saints_posterSo it is March! It is the time that we whip out all of our green apparel and use a holiday as an excuse to pretend to be Irish and get shit faced out of our minds!

So I am sitting back in my chair thinking… “Hmmm…. You know I should review something that is in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day… But what? Meh I’m lazy, let’s review Boondock Saints.” And since I just reviewed The Walking Dead I might as well hit the entire Norman Reedus oeuvr. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Boondock Saints”