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WWE Specials: Best and Worst WWE European Champions

imagesWe continue our look at the championship belts that have graced the halls of the WWE with a notorious midcard belt that could have been something interesting and instead fizzled out as the poorer man’s Intercontinental Championship. What started out as a cool concept of a title that would be defended on European soil and showcase more of the European born talent in the WWE quickly turned into nothing more than a championship belt to be tossed around by the lower mid carders to fight over before it was eventually merged into the IC title in the early 2000’s. The European Championship may have fizzled out but that does not mean that the title did not have it share of famous and infamous people to lift the strap. Today we will be looking at the top 5 best and worst wrestlers to hold the WWE European Championship. Continue reading “WWE Specials: Best and Worst WWE European Champions”

Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss (9/11/2014)

Tonight we are going to take a break from movies and video games and talk about pro wrestling. I used to love pro wrestling as a kid… I think just about every kid does at some point and as I have gotten older I have come to find a new respect for what those athletes do night after night with the long hours and grueling matches just to put on a show and to entertain the masses. Truly when you look at professional wrestling you see a show with story and colorful characters that just never seems to end and always seems to evolve with the times. Over the years World Wrestling Entertainment after its acquisitions of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling has seen its fair share of titles come and go with the years. Sometimes belt out last their usefulness, other times they are prematurely cut down. But I decided that tonight would be a good night to discuss a little Pro Wrestling with the Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss!

Before we get into this list please keep in mind that this is my personal list. If you disagree, please send me a message, I love a good debate. Also to make this list, these titles have to be defunct and no longer active in any way in the company. Thus titles that have been revived like the United States Championship will not make it on this list. Continue reading “Top 4 WWE Licensed Belts that We Miss (9/11/2014)”