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Tanner Reviews Event Horizon

Event_horizon_ver1Happy Halloween ladies and gentlemen! On this lovely day of Samhain, I was hoping to have another episode of the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth for you… But tragically both Brandon and I find ourselves with our plates full. As fall comes to a close, my co host is working tirelessly on competition and Friday Night Performances that his schedule is pretty well tied up until we enter the winter months. As for me, well I am preparing myself for a trip to Bowling Green State University next weekend for their annual Humans vs. Zombies Invitational which everyone who can attend should attend and have some other projects that have filled up my time. So sadly no video this week. But fear not! We will be recording this weekend and we will have a new episode up next Thursday. But for now I have decided to honor the ‘horror’ elements of this Holiday and review a horror film from the 1990’s and wouldn’t you know it a film by the man behind the Resident Evil film franchise, Paul WS Anderson. For those of you who do not know how I feel about that particular franchise you can read it all here and understand that when I say I am not a fan of Anderson’s, that is an understatement. But does that necessarily discredit ever movie that the man has directed? Well… no… Well okay out of all of his movies there is one that I can find passable… And it just so happens to be the one that we are reviewing today. I’ll freely admit that I do like this movie and find it to be pretty enjoyable all things considered. Though granted whenever I say that this film is the best film in Anderson’s oeuvre is by no means a compliment.

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