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Tanner Reviews John Dies at the End

John_dies_at_the_end_posterWell wasn’t this a surprise… I wasn’t able to see John Dies at the End when it came out earlier this year and was able to just recently check it out on Netflix. Going into this, I was ready for the absolute worst. The cover photo had all the pictures of your standard ‘two dude friends beat up shit with blunt objects’. Pretty much just a lesser version of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil or a horror version of Dude! Where’s My Car? Boy, was I wrong. This may not be one of the best movies that I have seen this year, but it is definitely one of the best horror/comedy films that I have seen in quite some time.

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Tanner Reviews Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Doctor_Horrible_BannerWith only seven more days until my trip to Origins Game Fair… I thought it would be appropriate to review something that seems to be nerd incarnate. A 45 minute string of videos made by Joss Whedon with the assistance of his family members Zack and Jed. The film starred Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and fucking Neil Patrick Harris himself, this film is the  definition of awesome personified! NPH from How I Met Your Mother has become a walking talking internet meme, Nathan Fillion none other than Mal Reynolds himself from Firefly, and Felica Day from Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer not to mention Whedon whose credentials speak for themselves… Sweet Jesus the nerdery is glorious. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”

Tanner Reviews Silver Lining’s Playbook

Silver_Linings_Playbook_PosterBack when Silver Lining’s Playbook came out I did not get the chance to see it. At the time I was still loving me some Les Miserables and never got the  chance to get to the theaters and watch it, much to my parents dismay who had called and told me MANY times, claiming it to be a fantastic movie with all kinds of characters that reminded them of our family. My dad even said he liked it and believe me if that man says he likes a movie THAT MEANS SOMETHING. But as much as I wanted to see it, the more it got put to the back of my mind until it was out of theaters and I was on the outside looking in. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Silver Lining’s Playbook”