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Mini Review: Far Cry Primal

Far_Cry_Primal_cover_artOnce more, I find myself running short on time and once more, I decided to suffice this by watching a some YouTube videos of a video game that was released and give my quick and dirty opinions on it for the world to read. For most of you out there who do not know, I’m not a big fan of Far Cry. I was not a fan of Far Cry 3 making me the only sod on this planet that had a problem with the game. Far Cry 4 was just an updated version of 3, in my opinion, and as such needed to sit in the same room and think about what it did. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just my relationship with Ubisoft now. They are just going to keep releasing shit that I do not like and over saturate the market with it until once in a blue moon Far Cry Blood Dragon or Assassin’s Creed Black Flag shows up to make my life an easier place. So when it came to my thoughts on Far Cry Primal, my thoughts were “boring” and “the same old fucking thing.” Continue reading “Mini Review: Far Cry Primal”

Ten Movies and Video Games to Keep an Eye on in 2016

This time last year, I created a list of the video games and movies to keep an eye on in 2015. It was an interesting experiment that kept me looking back to the list, examining my early assessments, and looking at how I felt post fact. It was a fun way to give a precursor to some of the more talked about video games and movies of 2015 and then seeing how the hype was met, the hype was not met, and how certain games and movies broke through 2015 completely under the radar. So let’s give it a go again. This is the ten movies and video games to keep an eye on in 2016.

I will say before we move forward that on both video game and movie lists, I had to cut down from a list of AT LEAST 15 on each side. So even with the extended honorable mentions… There are going to be a few left off. With that being said, let’s get started. Continue reading “Ten Movies and Video Games to Keep an Eye on in 2016”