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Tanner Reviews Stardew Valley

SDV_twitch_boxartThere is something oddly serene about playing a farming simulator. Why is it that games like Farmville, Harvest Moon, and the various farming simulators that may include the thrilling life of being a goat. All you are doing is farming! But for some reason, that farming just feel right. Maybe it is this deep psychological need for something relaxed and mundane to cut through our various video games where we are slaughtering people in every direction or on some grand adventure to save the world. Could these games give us an introspective look into the human mind… Or maybe I’m just overthinking shit and the reason these games are popular is because people want to play a fun game. Either works, just pick your poison and let’s move on. The point is that Stardew Valley is the new farming simulator that is taking the gaming world by storm. But the question remains, even if it is popular, does it make it good? Well let’s find out!

Simplistically put, Stardew Valley is a farming RPG. You take on the roll of a farmer and your job is to tend your crops and build a life for yourself the best way you know how. You are encouraged to collect livestock, plant multiple farms, you can marry, and you can build upon what you have worked so hard to achieve. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Stardew Valley”