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Tanner Reviews Movie 43

215px-Movie_43_posterIt has been a year now… A year since the release of what is without a doubt one of the worst movies ever made. I heard of how horrendous Movie 43 when it first came out in January of 2013. But in my mind I simply could not believe what I was hearing from other critics. Exaggeration sometimes comes with the territory when dealing with critics, I’ll admit it. So when I was reading ‘one of the worst movies ever made.’ I had a hard time believing the rumors… And then I saw it… It took me a long time to see it but by the time it popped up on Netflix I gave it a go and after seeing it… Yeah this abomination is easily one of the worst films ever made period. Even then I feel like the term ‘worst film ever made’ does not quite do it justice. Please trust me when I say with no hyperbole… This is honestly one of the worst movies ever. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Movie 43”

Tanner Reviews The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The_Secret_Life_of_Walter_Mitty_posterAh my Christmas day movie and not only that I got to watch it in my favorite theater, The Grandin Theater in Roanoke Virginia. So yes, after seeing Saving Mr. Banks, I saw the second movie on my list The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. A retelling of a 1947 movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the brain child of comedian Ben Stiller. As the years have gone by, I have really become a big fan of Ben Stiller’s work. In particular with films that he has directed. Tropic Thunder and Zoolander have proven to be very effective and very funny movies and Cable Guy, while being heavily dated was not a bad film to watch. (Reality Bites I have not seen). The Secret Life of Walter Mitty seems to be Stiller’s first attempt at dipping his toe into more serious waters. Don’t get me wrong though, this film is really funny as well. But I think it does show the range that Stiller can reach and not just stay in the comedy genre. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”