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From the Vaults: Rudy

Rudy2Today, we open the vaults once again to get to the heart of the reason I started this series. The whole idea of “From the Vaults” is to take a look back at movies and video games of the past and judge them on their impact on their respected industries how the film has held up over time. With that said, there are few movies from my life that represent the intent of this series than Rudy. The story of the plucky little guy from small town Illinois to defy the odds and play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is one of those all around feel good movies of the 1990’s. Anyone who has watched Rudy instantly becomes misty eyed by the story of the little engine that could, myself included. I loved watching Rudy when I was a young kid. So much so, that for a time, I cheered for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team myself. But over the years, the question still remains, does the movie hold up to this day? Continue reading “From the Vaults: Rudy”

Devil’s Advocate: The Longest Yard (2005 Film)

MV5BMTc1NTQyNDk2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTE2OTQzMw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Ah the month of May! Everything is starting to really warm up here in North America, sometimes getting as hot as hell itself. I’m being a little melodramatic, I know. But I’m trying to make a transition into the theme of the month of May which is Devil’s Advocate Month! For the month of May I will be looking at movies that were either not well received or received praise from critics and give… A differing opinion on each of them. Now does this necessarily mean that if a movie was absolute shit that it is the exact opposite and is an amazing movie? No, it simply means that the movie was not judged fairly and should received a higher… or lower grade then what it was given.

So we start off Devil’s Advocate month with an Adam Sandler movie of all things. I have not even attempted to hide the fact that I hate Adam Sandler comedies. It is well documented that at this stage in his life, Adam Sandler makes movies for the mere fact that making a movie means a vacation to location X… Which explains why a lot of his movies now take place in Hawaii or Tropical Island X. The man can be good when he wants to be, but for the most part his style of comedy I do not find funny. Especially when you mix in his little cavalcade of annoyance mascots like Nick Swardson, Rob Schneider, and so forth. Let’s not talk about how many Grown Ups have been made at our expense so Sandler and his buddies can enjoy hurricanes in the Tahiti sun. But that isn’t to say that all of Sandler’s movies have been bad. I enjoyed Happy Gilmore as you know and I have found some of his other earlier movies to be decent. So I thought that considering the past, let’s start this off with an Adam Sandler movie that I quite like, the remake of the Burt Reynolds classic, The Longest Yard

NOW LET’S GET SOMETHING OUT OF THE WAY RIGHT NOW! This movie does not compare to the original and we will talk about that in detail later. But I want to stress that I am not making that claim. I am merely saying that this movie was judged quite unfairly upon its release and deserves a little bit of due credit. Continue reading “Devil’s Advocate: The Longest Yard (2005 Film)”

Tanner Reviews Draft Day

Draft_Day_posterSports movies; they are some of the most predictable yet popular movies out there. They typically follow a very simple formula. The underdog team/individual begins playing a sport, at first they suck, then through either the right coach, the right players, and the appropriate amount of montages they become phenomenal, and against all odds kick massive amounts of ass. There are a few movies that differ from the formula in different ways, but for the most part they tend to stick to the formula. The recent Kevin Costner movie (man I never thought I would ever say/write those words again) Draft Day tends to stick to this general formula.

A sports movie that does not so much focus on the ‘sports’ part so much as it focuses on the obtaining of the players via draft to some seemed like a rather stupid concept to some people and in truth if you are not from the US or an NFL fan, I can see your apprehension. But for those uninitiated in the world of American Football let me inform you just how important the NFL Draft is to those who are a fan of the sport. The Draft isn’t just a selecting of rookies every year, it is one of the many rituals that American Football fans seem to hold themselves to. It is a time to see the new wave of talent come into the league and to question which one of them will become the next all-star and which one of them will be destined to be complete busts and spend the rest of their lives in obscurity working as used car salesmen… It is actually kind of depressing when you think about it. But for many fans, Draft Day is almost as important as the season itself. So just a little context going into this. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Draft Day”