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Tanner Reviews The Human Centipede

220px-Human-Centiped-posterSo seeing as how I am currently in Youngstown for their HvZ Fall Game, I was trying to find something a little light. Nothing too taxing on the brain seeing as how I’m constantly up and moving around. Then I just said fuck it, let’s talk about The Human Centipede. I’m surprised a movie as infamous as this one has been able to stay off of my radar for so long. Such a special movie deserves a place on my website and this one is certainly no exception at all. Who in their right mind even comes up with an idea like this? Seriously! Why the human centipede? There are so many other insane ideas you can throw out there, but the mere concept that there was a group of creative people or one person who said that a movie needs to be made of three people being sewn ass to mouth and forced to eat each other’s shit and piss and on top of all that… It isn’t that bad! Yeah, I said it. For what this movie is… It is not the worst thing I have ever seen. In fact from some of the things I have seen this movie is relatively tame. But for what it is, there are certainly worse in this world. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Human Centipede”

Tanner Reviews Battle Royale

Battle_royale_pochettePlease forgive the tardiness of this post. When you mix in the fact that I had to take the dreaded GRE’s yesterday and add on top of it the FIFA World Cup match between Belgium and the USA… A mix of fried brain and proper inebriation was enough to keep me from writing anything substantial last night. But it is okay, because today I will be talking about a foreign film. Oh yes, you can feel the pretentious wave flooding over you, can’t you? But fear not. This pretentious foreign film just happens to be the movie that preceded the popular Suzanne Collins’ stories of The Hunger Games only with less political intrigue and more violence and sexual deviation. This isn’t the first time I have talked about my favorite manga and one of my favorite books, I wrote a post a while back analyzing both The Hunger Games and Battle Royale (Which you can read here). For today, I feel like talking about the also popular film that was based on the popular series. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Battle Royale”