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Tanner Reviews The Purge: Election Year

The_Purge_Election_Year.pngOh what a glorious 4th of July this has been! I have spent most of 2016 hating myself for putting up with some of the worst trash that I have seen in years. When my worst list is over flowing and my best list includes two movies, that is saying how much crap I saw compared to quality. BUT! This movie has made up for every last second of it! This was one of the best movie experiences I have had in a long time! As a fan of movies and a political scientist, a movie like The Purge: Election Year is right up my alley. Not only is this a movie that gives you all the wonderment and joy of Frank Grillo shitting on the action/horror movie tropes that we hate and the non stop action that the series promises us, but it also tackles issues of institutional racism in ways that the new season of Orange is the New Black failed horrendously (not a fan of that one). This movie, may very well be the best of 2016. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Purge: Election Year”

Tanner Reviews The Purge: Anarchy

The_Purge_–_Anarchy_PosterNow this is what I’m talking about! Last year I saw The Purge. A rather crappy home invasion movie with a really good concept of everything being legal for a twelve-hour period of time in which basically the only thing you can’t do is set off a nuke or kill political figures. A year ago I said that this would be a great movie if they didn’t focus on some suburban family and focused more on what was going on outside in the country… Damn it, they listened to the advice of the people calling for this and gave it to us and I have to say that it did not disappoint in the slightest. The low-budget/high thrills action film about a city devolving into complete anarchy and  directed by James DeMonaco has proven to be a far better movie to its predecessor. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Purge: Anarchy”