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Tanner Reviews Pokemon Go

Pokemon_GoWell this was an inevitability. I’m not typically one to pick up the mobile games or review them for that matter. I tend to stick to PC and consoles since I consider most mobile games to be little more than scams to get people to pay $2,500 for a little bit of time wasting. However, the possibility of becoming a Pokemon Master using GPS coordinated maps is something that not even my cynical ass can ignore. So yeah, I picked up Pokemon Go just like the thousands of other people who have given the game the old college try and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it is and not just in a “let me give you my life savings for some way to pass time on the shitter.”

In Pokemon Go you take on the role of an aspiring Pokemon master. You are giving a starting Pokemon and beyond that you must go out and literally explore the world. You go to various locations, visit popular landmarks, and collect items and Pokemon. You can later go to gyms once you reach level 5 to train your Pokemon and potentially become a gym leader. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Pokemon Go”

Tanner Reviews Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five_nights_at_freddy's_2_logoFor anyone who read my article a couple of weeks ago, one video game that has grabbed my attention by the balls and is refusing to relinquish its vice grip is Five Nights at Freddy’sI’m loved this game and am continuing to love this game. The twisted and innovative horror video game from the mind of Scott Cawthon has become a shining beacon of hope and prosperity in an otherwise bleak and dying world of survival horror video games. By creating simple mechanics, a wonderfully new setting, the inability to move or fight your captors, and unique and horrifying enemies; Five Nights at Freddy’s is easily one of the greatest survival horror games of all time. Easily in the Top Ten and I will fight anyone who has any sort of different opinion on this matter.

I got on board the Five Nights at Freddy’s pain train a little late to the party just playing the excellent game several weeks ago… And already I hear that we have ourselves a sequel to review and both are 2014 games! Oh goody! My best video games list may be nothing but me gushing over how amazing Scott Cawthon’s imagination is. Yeah… For anyone expecting that list you need to be ready for that because Five Nights at Freddy’s  2 is just as astonishing if not better than its predecessor, building more scares and increasing the challenge to untold heights. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Five Nights at Freddy’s 2”