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Tanner Reviews The Last of Us

TheLastOfUs…… Son of a bitch… When I made my BioShock Infinite review I honestly thought that we had reached the bar. That there would be plenty of good games and even great games to come out for the remainder of 2013, but nothing could compete with BioShock Infinite. It seemed like one of those moments where the stars aligned and one of the few perfect games had been created with the right characters, the right setting, the right graphics, the right gameplay… The right EVERYTHING! Little did I know that this lie in my future. The Last of Us coming out in the same year as BioShock Infinite is like Ocarina of Time coming out the same year as Super Mario Brothers. Two games that completely and utterly shape the way games are played and made and they come out within a few months of one another. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Last of Us”