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Tanner Reviews Deepwater Horizon

deepwater_horizon_filmThis one was certainly a surprise! When I saw that there was going to be a movie about theĀ Deepwater HorizonĀ disaster, I initially groaned. Maybe the world has made me jaded but the first thing that I thought of was that BP paid the right people to make a pro oil message to soften the fact that they annihilated the ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico, a disaster that is still seeing its effects to this day.

But man was I wrong. Well, okay, the first moment that I saw John Malkovich show up as one of the people representing BP, I had a huge sigh of relief. Thank god they casted the best villain they possibly could for this role. At least I know that BP are the bad guys hear. But all joking aside, going into this thinking that this is going to be a pro oil movie and walking out feeling better about life knowing that I saw an amazing disaster movie about the people who worked on board the boat during the day the leak occurred. This movie certainly was a surprising gem and one that may very walk away with a few Oscar nominations for sound editing and effects. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Deepwater Horizon”