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Five Reasons Why WWE Studios is the New Cannon Films

For those of you unaware, Cannon Films was a beautiful little movie making company that was prevalent in the 1980’s. Focusing on creating B Movies on an A budget, Golan and Globus were able to make a massive number of cult successes that spanned from the horrendous schlock of The Apple, to buying old movie rights to make sequels such as Death Wish 2, to creating action fighting movies like one of my favorite of all time Bloodsport, and finally even dipping into the realms of fantasy with Masters of the Universe. Cannon Films were truly a treasure for anyone who enjoys watching good bad movies. A lot of them are  bad, but they can all at least be memorable for their badness and for the most part can be enjoyable.

Cannon Films went under, for the most part, back in the late 80’s to early 90’s. But as time has worn on, there seems to be a new studio that has risen up to take their place and that studio is WWE Studios. It is weird, I know. But if you look at the parallels between the two you will see a striking number of similarities to the point that I dare say that we may have a new Cannon films for a new generation of movie watchers. Without further ado, these are the five reasons that WWE Studios is the new Cannon Films. Continue reading “Five Reasons Why WWE Studios is the New Cannon Films”

Top 5 Cannon Films

250px-Cannon_FilmsAnyone who grew up in the 80’s or lived in the video rental store during the early 90’s knows who Cannon is. The Film group operated by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus is responsible for some of the cheesiest and most fun-loving movies to come out of the 1980’s era. Their philosophy of B Movies on A Movie Budgets is famous and while most movies were not well received critically, the vast majority of them has been reappraised as corner stones of the 1980’s film scene and even created the careers of stars like Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme and gave actors like Sylvester Stallone more creative control over their movies while other studios wouldn’t give them the time of day. While the group went under near the 1990’s after the debacle that was Masters of the Universe, the company still leaves a mark on the film industry that is still felt to this day, in particular in the B Movie scene as well as action films. So I thought what better way to commemorate the company that brought us so much 80’s cheese then to do a list of the Top 5 Films Produced By Cannon.

Keep in mind, this is my own personal list I based off of the quality of movie, the impact the movie had on the general public, the notoriety the film had (whether good or bad) for the company, and finally how well it represents Golan and Globus’ vision of the company. If you disagree or think I missed one, please leave a comment. I do love a good argument. Other than that, let’s get started with the list. Continue reading “Top 5 Cannon Films”