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Tanner Reviews Civilization VI

civilization_vi_cover_artFINALLY! There has been a solid game that I have played this year that could definitely be worthy of the 2016 Game of the Year honors. 2016 has not been a good year for gaming. Unlike other years where there were two or three awesome titles competing with one another, this year has been a series of disappointments, bombs, and forgettable Triple A turds with a resurgence of quality mobile games and a hand full of powerful indie darlings. When Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End sat in my Top 3 for the better part of a year and the only reason that a fun, but otherwise, forgettable game sat there for so long is because other games were just plain bad…  That is saying something. But man, do I get that good ol’ fashion great game feel after playing Civilization VI. Finally, a game released in 2016 that I can play for hours on end and never get bored.

I’m a huge fan of the series as anyone will know, so the game would certainly have to fuck up pretty bad in order for me to not like it. But to tempt me away from my Civ V comfort zone and away from arguably the best game in the series is not easy task. But I will be damned if they aren’t seriously tempting me with some awesome new additions that make some of the lack of content disappear from my mind’s eye. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Civilization VI”

Tanner Reviews Pokemon Go

Pokemon_GoWell this was an inevitability. I’m not typically one to pick up the mobile games or review them for that matter. I tend to stick to PC and consoles since I consider most mobile games to be little more than scams to get people to pay $2,500 for a little bit of time wasting. However, the possibility of becoming a Pokemon Master using GPS coordinated maps is something that not even my cynical ass can ignore. So yeah, I picked up Pokemon Go just like the thousands of other people who have given the game the old college try and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it is and not just in a “let me give you my life savings for some way to pass time on the shitter.”

In Pokemon Go you take on the role of an aspiring Pokemon master. You are giving a starting Pokemon and beyond that you must go out and literally explore the world. You go to various locations, visit popular landmarks, and collect items and Pokemon. You can later go to gyms once you reach level 5 to train your Pokemon and potentially become a gym leader. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Pokemon Go”

Tanner Reviews Until Dawn

Until_Dawn_cover_artAs most of you are well aware, I have a hard on for Telltale’s The Walking Dead. I am a sucker when it comes to a story that is well told and allows you to choose which path you want to travel down. It makes me even more giddy that this trend is being picked up by other developers and games like Until Dawn are being released to the masses. This game came to my attention by my wonderful girlfriend Kitty who had just watched Markiplier have a play through of the game. After I heard of her glowing appraisal, combined with the fact that it was a PS4 exclusive, I decided that it was high time that I upgraded my consoles to the next generation, and give the game a go. I have to admit that I was not disappointed in the slightest. It may be a little on rails, but with the combination of a great 80’s throwback story and a game that truly lets you dictate the outcome of the game, Until Dawn is one of the next generation games that lives up to the hype of a next generation game. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Until Dawn”

Tanner Reviews South Park: The Stick of Truth

SouthParkTheStickOfTruthWhere has this been all my life? Oh it has been a while since South Park: The Stick of Truth came out and just now have I finally been able to play the thing and good lord in heaven this is an absolute marvel to behold. Everything that I love in a game is here wrapped in a nice little nostalgic bow from the television show that I enjoyed so much as a teenagers forcing my way through high school. South Park is one of those shows I feel like everyone gets involved in at some point in their life. They watch a season or two religiously and then go on in life either taking one of two routes, looking back on South Park as a classic television show that tackles heavy issues in today’s society with a ‘nothing is sacred’ mentality or they look back on it saying South Park is a big pile of crap masked by its smug sense of irreverence played off as intelligent political satire. I feel smarter for saying that sentence.

Either rate, I am one of the ones who looks upon South Park with relatively kind eyes. I do think the show after several years seemed to get off on the idea that they were edgy in their political ideals. But overall I firmly enjoyed the show and still find it to be one of the best television series of the past two decades. With its brilliant cross over into the realms of video gaming, South Park has endeared me to the franchise once again. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews South Park: The Stick of Truth”

Tanner Reviews Journey

imagesThere is a hot topic that is currently going around the world today. It can be found in both nerd circles, critic circles, and just about every point in between. That question is thus: ‘Can video games be called art?’. It is a big question, on the one hand video games at their most base level are animated drawings and images (for the most part). Not to mention that the vast majority of these video games in today’s age tell very intricate cinematic stories. Video games like BioShock, Uncharted, and The Last of Us tell very long and engaging stories just like an extended movie. So in a way, video games not only start out as art by drawing them but also include very dramatic and engaging stories like film, which is also considered art. But on the other hand there are many that would say that no, video games are not art. A lot of them site the more simplistic games like Candy Crush, Tetris, Pac-Man? Are they art? They don’t have a story and the graphics are not that artistic. Not to mention many find the whole concept of a ‘game’ to be art mind-boggling. Not to many people would consider the Monopoly board as art. Why should a video game get that privilege? In many ways, this argument kind of fits a generation gap as the older generation cannot conceive of a video game as ‘art’ while the younger generation sees the work that is put into them and says ‘hold the phone the art in this game is better than half the shit I’ve seen in an art gallery.’ Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Journey”

Tanner Reviews TellTale’s The Walking Dead

TWD-game-coverWith the debut of the Season 2 teaser 400 Days and considering that this really is the only thing from The Walking Dead that I have yet to review, I think it is high time that we talk about the mini series that took the world by storm last year. TellTale’s The Walking Dead. Unlike the television show which seems to be creating its own separate entity and Survival Instincts which is one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever had the misfortune to sit through, TellTale’s The Walking Dead to this day is the medium outside of the comic series that really gets the ‘essence’ of what it means to be apart of the Walking Dead universe. It is a game in my opinion that hit all the right notes at the right time and gave it to us at such a great value that it is easy to see why it won so many titles for game of the year last year.

We will get into the details of why this game was so successful in a moment, but first what I want to do is explain how this review is going to take a bit of a different route. Just like my normal reviews this will cover the pros and the cons of the game and give a conclusion and a final score at the end. However I do want to give some special attention to ‘400 Days’ the recent DLC that is sort of a prelude to Season 2 of The Walking Dead. So after the finish of this review we will have a little mini review for 400 days and my thoughts on how Season 2 is going to go.

In case you have not yet played Season 1 the brief synopsis is that this game comes in 5 different episodes that are about 2 hours apiece. It follows the story of Lee Everett, a man who had just recently been convicted for murdering a senator who was having an affair with his wife. After his car crashes en route to prison, he finds himself in the world of the dead and quickly bonds with a little girl named Clementine, whose parents are gone on a trip to Savannah. The rest of the story centers around the relationships that Lee forms with Clementine as well as the people in his group and what all occurs in the 90+ days of Lee’s experience in the zombie apocalypse. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews TellTale’s The Walking Dead”

Tanner Reviews BioShock Infinite

Official_cover_art_for_Bioshock_InfiniteWell… It is Sunday and sadly once more I am stuck with all my money being tied up in Origins Game Fair (which I will be attending this week. Shameless plug.) I do not have the money to pick up any of the newest gaming titles so I find myself right where I was with my Aliens: Colonial Marines review. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews BioShock Infinite”