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Top 5 Transformers Generation 1 Episodes

220px-Transformers_G1_series_logoOH right in the nostalgia. Talk about my childhood, I remember watching the original Generation 1 Transformers as a kid and just being absolutely enamored in the world. I had the toys, I had some of the episodes on VHS, and as I got older I even was able to grab the entire collection on DVD from China before the Live Action movies revived the series. I still watch them every now and again just for the sake of some nostalgia and after watching it as an adult I can say with the up most certainty… That the series is actually rather bad. It is episodic, there is a plethora of animation, voice acting, and continuity errors, and the laws of common sense make you sit there and scratch your head wondering why nobody has died in this universe until the Transformers Movie.  All that being said, I still love the shit out of them! I love the series and watch it whenever I get the chance and they are not all bad. Some of the episodes are pretty good and today’s list is made to showcase some of the best, the Top 5 Transformers Generation 1 Episodes.

Now as always I preface my list by saying that this list is my own personal opinion. If you have a different opinion, then please let me know, I love a good debate. Next up I base this list on a number of things. First off, what was the feel of the episode. Did it feel like something was at stake or was it simply filler. Second was their character development of any kind or any type of indication that there was continuity in the story. Finally, was the show memorable? Each fan of the series has those episodes that stick out in their mind so memorability counts. Also keep in mind that episodes that have multiple parts will be lumped into one choice. Also since I already reviewed the Tranformers Movie, it isn’t counted. With that being said, allow me to list some honorable mentions. Continue reading “Top 5 Transformers Generation 1 Episodes”

Tanner Reviews The Transformers: The Movie

215px-Transformers-movieposter-westWell damn… I feel like I owe my readers and fans an apology on this one. Due to the fact that I recently returned to my previous job officiating football (European not American), I was unable to see a movie for this week and I am late for this review to boot. My bad on that one, but I’m able to shift my schedule so this shouldn’t happen again. Either way, I still need to fill the ‘Sunday’ slot with something so I have decided to review a nostalgic movie from my past. Growing up, one of my favorite shows to watch was always the First Generation of Transformers. A few of my next door neighbors watched the series when they were younger and had most of the first two seasons on VHS. I would borrow them all the time so I could watch them and eventually they gave the tapes to me. If there is one cartoon that really sums up my childhood I have to say that it is Transformers.

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