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VtM Clanbook Retrospective: Clan Brujah

From the Vaults: Age of Empires II

Age_of_Empires_II_-_The_Age_of_Kings_CoverartSo I disappear for a few days in a slew of papers, grading exams, and of course playing Age of Empires 2! Anyone else spend way too much of their childhood/teens/tweenhood dedicating way too much of your time to put two gigantic armies on one map and have them beat face each other or is that just me? At either rate, once I found this gem 80% off on Steam, it was an insta buy for me. Which is solid, considering if I ever wanted to get my Age of Empires fix, I thought I would have to go to my local Wal-Mart and find it in that section of puzzle games and Nancy Drew mysteries where it has existed for at least 15+ years. But once again, I digress…

If you were to look for the grandaddy of ’em all when it comes to strategy games, you will be hard pressed to find a game that competes with Age of Empires 2. This game is and rightfully should be one of the greatest video games of all time. It was one of my favorite games growing up and was listed as one of my Top 20 Favorite Video Games of All Time! But the question still remains, how does it hold up over the years? We are going to find out today! There really is no plot to this game unless you count the scenarios that they set up, so with that said, I’ll just jump right into the review. Continue reading “From the Vaults: Age of Empires II”