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Tanner Reviews Get Out

teaser_poster_for_2017_film_get_outSo my apologies. It was my intention to start my 2017 reviews in a video style format. But low and behold I run into some problems. So we will have that to look forward to in a few a bit. But today… HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS MOVIE IS ONE OF THE BEST GODDAMN MOVIES HORROR MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I am sorry, that isn’t incredibly professional of me, but I have to gush. It is rare that I see a movie at this time of year that is easily one of the best movies that I have ever seen, let alone great movies of 2017. The writing, the directing, the acting, the concept, the subtlety, every last piece of it has come together to make what can only be called, a perfect movie! Yeah, I said it! Fight me!

Get Out is the story of a young couple named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams). The couple are about to go meet Rose’s family for the first time since they started dating four months ago. When Chris arrives, he is introduced to Rose’s family Dean (Bradley Whitford), Missy (Catherine Keener), and Rose’s brother Jeremy (Caleb Landry Jones). Once there, Chris instantly becomes uneasy with the family. Not only with their clearly covert racism but from the reaction of the Armitage’s family’s servants Georgina (Betty Gabriel) and Walter (Marcus Henderson). Things go from bad to worse when Chris is hypnotized by Rose’s mother and rapidly things go from bad to worse before Chris realizes that he is in serious trouble. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Get Out”

From the Vaults: The Cube

Cube_The_Movie_Poster_ArtIt has been a while since I have opened up the vaults. So why the hell not open it now and take a look at one of the more underrated horror movies of the late 90’s. Horror movies of the 1990’s kind of sucked, let’s just be honest. Everyone was going through their cynical rebellious phase which worked well for a lot of stuff like music… But it didn’t exactly do any favors for the horror film industry that made every movie look like they couldn’t be bothered to make anything of value. But there were a few hidden gems out there. I have already mentioned Event Horizon in the past and now I am going to mention another fan favorite of mine, The Cube. I will say this right now, The Cube 2: Hypercube and The Cube: Zero are absolute trash and besmirch what the original movie set out to do. However, the first movie is an excellent film with a unique message of what happens when bureaucracy runs wild.

Set in an omnipresent cube, six people wake up to find themselves trapped inside with no recollection of how they got there in the first place. Most of the rooms in the cube have deadly traps inside that threaten the protagonists at every turn. The protagonists must come to terms with their surroundings and learn how to avoid the traps and escape the dreaded sarcophagus. Continue reading “From the Vaults: The Cube”

Tanner Reviews V/H/S

215px-Vhs-film-posterTis the season to be spooky. With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would take a look at a horror movie that seems to have a bit of following around it. I confess I never heard much of V/H/S until recently when I heard from hardcore horror fans that it is one of their favorite films and one of the best films to come out of the genre in quite some time. So needless to say with hype like that I have no choice but to take a look at the film and see what all the fuss is about. All things considered, I was thrilled to see that this movie was an anthology series that featured several shorts instead of one plot. It has been some times since I have seen a good Anthology series and the jury is still out in my opinion when it comes to The Conjuring franchise so we will see where V/H/S takes us. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews V/H/S”

Tanner Reviews The Human Centipede

220px-Human-Centiped-posterSo seeing as how I am currently in Youngstown for their HvZ Fall Game, I was trying to find something a little light. Nothing too taxing on the brain seeing as how I’m constantly up and moving around. Then I just said fuck it, let’s talk about The Human Centipede. I’m surprised a movie as infamous as this one has been able to stay off of my radar for so long. Such a special movie deserves a place on my website and this one is certainly no exception at all. Who in their right mind even comes up with an idea like this? Seriously! Why the human centipede? There are so many other insane ideas you can throw out there, but the mere concept that there was a group of creative people or one person who said that a movie needs to be made of three people being sewn ass to mouth and forced to eat each other’s shit and piss and on top of all that… It isn’t that bad! Yeah, I said it. For what this movie is… It is not the worst thing I have ever seen. In fact from some of the things I have seen this movie is relatively tame. But for what it is, there are certainly worse in this world. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Human Centipede”

Tanner Reviews Carrie

Carrie_Domestic_One-sheet… Jesus Hollywood… Have you really ran out of ideas? I mean, have we really reached this point where we just can’t tell stories anymore that we have to keep rehashing the old timeless classics in these over stylized remakes that always ALWAYS come across as stupid and unnecessary. The 2013 version of Carrie may not be the worst remake ever made… In fact if we are simply talking about remakes I would say that it is one of the better ones created. But at the end of the day and when it is all said and done, the only thing that will be remembered about this movie is that it was an okay remake that could not even come close to being as good as the original Brian De Palma classic and the Stephen King novel from which it was inspired. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Carrie”