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Tanner Reviews I am Bread

i-am-bread-release-date-announced_98wc.1920Well isn’t this a catchy and vague fucking name for a game? I am Bread… What does that even mean? I don’t… I am Bread, along with its accompanying picture of a slice of bread on the brink of falling to the floor creates a unique sensation for all gamers that can be summed up like this: OH! What the fuck is…? Oh I have to try this!

It is the only reaction that anyone could possibly have to a title like this. What the hell is this thing? What is it about? You need to become toast? What the fuck? The questions, for me, eventually won out and I decided that, after nearly a year the beta sat on my wishlist, it was high time to spend a little disposable income to give this game the old college try.

I am Bread is a game that was developed by Bossa Studios. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bossa Studios, they are the guys who created Surgeon Simulator and Thomas Was Alone. So, we are in some memorable and somewhat existential company when it comes to the things these people have made in the past.

The story of I am Bread is simple. You control a piece of bread and your job is to become toast and remains as edible as possible. That is about it. There are some other modes, but the meat and potatoes of the game is to become toast. So already I am in a critical bind in ways I can critique this game, but I’ll give it a go anyways. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews I am Bread”