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Disney Pixar Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

So after hearing the requests, I have finally decided to rank the Disney Pixar movies from worst to best. Ultimately, this list is going to be fun. Unlike Disney Animation Studios, Pixar tends to take a few more risks and as a result you have some timeless classics… And a few… Well not timeless classics. No matter what though, all of them have a wave of nostalgia attached to them that is undeniable. So with that being said, this is the Disney Pixar Movies, ranked from worst to best.

Keep in mind that the criteria for this list comes from the overall quality of the movie, the artistic merit, its longevity in culture, and some of my own personal beliefs as well. Continue reading “Disney Pixar Movies Ranked from Worst to Best”


Tanner Reviews Inside Out

Inside_Out_(2015_film)_posterOh Disney Pixar, you have proven once again that you know how to bring all the feels. This time you brought the feels in a very literal sense, by putting the feels on display, and make them the main characters of the movie. As we adventure further into 2015’s summer blockbuster season, we take a look at what Pixar brought to the table to tug at our heartstrings this year, Inside Out. Pixar has taken a different direction this year, instead of choosing a grandiose story, they focus on the simple story of a young girl who moves from her home town in Minnesota to San Fransisco California. The difference being is the movie focuses on the ’emotions’ that what makes the little girl Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) who she is inside. It is most certainly an interesting direction and one that I was torn between on whether or not to see it. But after the dust settles, I found myself sitting in a crowded movie theater, with my girlfriend, surrounded by hundreds of screaming kids to see if Pixar was able to pull it out… And I most certainly have to say that they succeeded. Inside Out is easily one of the best movies that Disney Pixar Animation has released in years and THAT is saying something. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Inside Out”