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Tanner Reviews The Interview

The_Interview_2014_posterBoy did this movie cause a stir. Oh yes, today we look at the movie that spurred some pretty intense hatred from the hermit nation-state in the east, The Interview. Hard to believe that a James Franco/Seth Rogen production could generate so much heat. But I suppose when a dictator like Kim Jong Un gets a hold of it and threatens serious retaliation if the video were to be shown, then that is enough to stir some kind of debate. This movie was the talk of sensational news outlets for weeks as each one of them took shots at Sony’s decision to pull the movie from theaters, which also lead to a cyber attack reportedly carried out by the North Korean government.

The Bald Eagle of America was waving that flag high and mighty in patriotism as the film was proudly shown to the world on YouTube, various other screenings these past couple of weeks, and I finally got to watch the movie. After giving it a watch, I have to say that North Korea raising such a stink about the film is most likely the best thing that could have ever happened to it. You can smell the irony as the film’s bland comedy wafts through the air and was sure to be nothing more than another dime a dozen comedy if it wasn’t for the dictators actions which lead to the movie being heralded as the patriotic film of the year. This is quite a feat considering American Sniper is still being shown in theaters.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m up for some good old patriotism as much as the next guy, but after watching the film I was not satisfied from a movie that brought only a few laughs and enough of a plot to make me say… Eh it is on par with Balls of Fury and Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol.  Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Interview”

Tanner Reviews This is the End

220px-This-is-the-End-Film-PosterI return back to my regular reviewing schedule and I return to it with one of the most irregular movies I have seen in recent years. Based off the short film Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse, This is the End is one of the most surprisingly bizarrely amazing movies that I have ever seen. I do not know how else to put it. It is a movie about a group comprised of Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchal, and several A-List actors portraying themselves as they meet face to face with the actual Biblical Apocalypse. How else can I describe this movie other than ‘surprisingly bizarrely amazing’? Continue reading “Tanner Reviews This is the End”

Tanner Reviews Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz_-_The_Great_and_Powerful_PosterWell hasn’t this been a dull week for movies. The only two movies with any chatter about them being Insidious: Chapter 2 and Riddick, two movies that sound as exciting as sitting in the waiting room for a doctor’s appointment. So with that in mind, when my roommate rented Oz the Great and Powerful, a movie from earlier in the year that I had yet to see I thought that today would be a good day to give it a shot and see what I thought. After it was all finished, I could at least say with certainty that it surprised me in a good way. Whenever I first heard of the film’s release all I could think of was that this was just a not so subtle attempt to suck as much money out of the people who are fans of the original Wizard of Oz without making a remake of the movie and receiving the hate and derision of just about every person who has liked cinema ever. But I was surprised at the type of film that was produced. While it was a very safe film it still was a pleasant surprise from the beautifully painted turd I was expecting it to be. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Oz the Great and Powerful”