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Tanner Reviews Pokemon Indigo League

Pokemonseason1DVDBoxSetSadly due to my schedule and working on some other projects, I was unable to get to the movie theater this week. However, I was able to work in front of a television screen that just happened to have Netflix on it and if I can’t do a latest released review, then I can sure as hell get all kinds of nostalgic on this site. As luck would have it, just recently Netflix has acquired the first 52 episodes of the original season of Pokemon, Pokemon Indigo League as well as Pokemon Black and White as well as the movies that accompany it. So needless to say I have been reliving my childhood, having not see them for several years up until now. So needless to say with the nostalgia bug tickling me and my critic senses tingling, this review was an inevitability. I loved the original episodes of Pokemon growing up, in fact my entire elementary school and some of middle school was dominated by the concept of these tiny little Darwin monsters that you put into cock fights. So does a television show that was the culmination of my youthful mind stand the test of time as I have become an adult?… Well let’s just say that it was exactly what I was expecting to see. Childhood nostalgia in an okay television show whose main purpose is to sell its copious amounts of products to its fan base. It is my love for the original G1 Transformers all over again. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Pokemon Indigo League”