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Tanner Reviews No Man’s Sky

The original post of this article can be found at Project Derailed. Seeing as how this game will be included with my year end best and worst list, I decided to post it on here as well.

cover_large… What is there to say? What is there to say that the rest of this world hasn’t already said? No Man’s Sky is on the fast track to becoming this generation’s Daikatana. It is a game that had so much promise and so much unique possibilities, but all that it ended being was one of the greatest disappointments in video game history. While this opening may seem like it is laden with hyperbole, I assure you that this is my legitimate opinion. I am not attempting to push something for the sake of shock value. I do, honestly believe, that No Man’s Sky is in the same league as John Romero’s coke filled fever dream.

So this is going to be a combination of a Top 5 list and one of my regular reviews. I will give five reasons why this game is such a large pile of abject failure and then finish up with a conclusion and final score. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews No Man’s Sky”