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Tanner Reviews Magic Mike

220px-Magic_Mike A week back, when I was finishing my cheesy romance month, Free App Maven critic Shaila Meeker, my co-host of the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth Brandon Lias, and soon to be frat bro/little brother to Shaila, DJ Meeker sat me down and together we ‘watched’ three movies. One of which was Just Go With It which I reviewed last week starring one person I cannot stand Adam Sandler and the second was The Ugly Truth starring Gerard Butler another not-favorite of mine (and one we will get to later). The third is the movie we will be talking about today. It is a movie I said I would never see, Channing Tatum’s ode to his late teenage years, Magic Mike. That night wasn’t fun for me, but let’s talk about Magic Mike. At the time of its release, I wrote this movie off as something that just wasn’t for me. A fun, romantic comedy centered around some machismo eye candy. Not my style, but I can see the appeal. After nearly a year of people claiming the movie to be well done, I gave in and sat down to give it a watch. After it was all over, it was surprisingly the best movie of the night. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Magic Mike”