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9 Acclaimed Movies… That I Cannot Stand

So, first and foremost I do want to say that these Thursday breaks are going to cease. This week I will not only be having Crit or Miss but I will also be changing my movie reviews from written to a YouTube format as well with the new video show Tanner At the Movies.

With that being said though, this will now be my fourth and going on fifth year running this site. All things considered, I do consider myself a movie critic as anyone else would. I do watch movie and review them based on merit and my own critical opinion. While my opinion may or may not be regarded as highly as other more prominent critics, I do consider myself in the same field as narcissistic as that may seem.

Critics are an interesting lot and we are all different as, naturally, human opinions are different. My reviewing style of movies is going to be similar but different to other critics like Leonard Maltin, Roger Ebert, and certainly vastly different to someone like Rex Reed. I have always said it, to truly gage a critics merit you should not look at the movies they review highly, but the movies they review negatively. If you simply pantomime the positive and negative critiques of the general public, you really are just miming what everyone thinks. While the majority of movies do fall into a certain range, there are some movies that are considered “great” or “timeless” that gets under our skins. For instance, Roger Ebert famously gave a highly negative review to A Clockwork Orange and Caligula. Two movies that will go down as being excellent or at least influential. I am certainly no different. There are tons of movies out there that are lauded as classics or at least great movies that I just cannot stand. This list is going to commemorate those movies.

This is the Top 10 Critically Acclaimed Movies… That I Cannot Stand! Now, I am going to list this list on two scales. The first of which being the way in which the movie is received and how much it truly irritates me. With that being said, let’s start with some dishonorable mentions. Continue reading “9 Acclaimed Movies… That I Cannot Stand”

5 Deaths that Devastated Fandoms

It is a sad fact of life, but where there is a fandom of fervent fans who absolutely love a TV show, movie series, or video game… There is going to be deaths so tragic that it just brings a tear to your eye at the mere sound or sight of their name. Those characters that will always be remembered tragically and with contempt for the creators for taking our beloved treasures away from us. This list is to commemorate 5 of those characters who left us with a void in our heart that simply could not be replaced.

So here are the Rules
One character per franchise. Harry Potter has a plethora of tragic deaths… But only one can be chosen.
The character has to stay dead or have a complete character redesign.
There is no rhyme or reason to this list. It is just ten characters whose deaths hurt the most.
If I missed someone from your favorite fandom, I’ll be honest it might just be because I missed it… Or I just don’t care about that particular fandom.
There are spoilers from this point on. So if you get upset… Oh well, not my problem. Continue reading “5 Deaths that Devastated Fandoms”

Top 4 Reasons Why Reviewing Television Shows is a Pain in the Ass

For those who have been following the site for some time will know that I used to write reviews for televisions shows as well as movies and video games and as I’m sure most people will notice, I stopped reviewing them altogether and quite frankly, I have no intention of going back. The reasons fluctuate, but mainly the come down to two reasons. Number one, I’m not that big of a television fan and number two… Fans for television shows will cut your head off if you say anything bad about their baby. Movies and video games, I feed off the heat… But man… Television shows… That is a whole different kind of monster. So, I decided that I would play around with the potential reasons why people are so protective of their television shows. These are the Top 5 Reasons Why Reviewing Television Show are a Pain in the Ass. Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons Why Reviewing Television Shows is a Pain in the Ass”

WWE Cruiserweight Classic Participants Ranked from Least Likely to Most Likely to Win the Tournament

downloadFinally! After months of speculation, the full list of the thirty-two men taking part in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic have been announced. My body has been ready for this for months and now all of the names are out there for us to read and speculate. Needless to say, this is going to be an impressive tournament. While it doesn’t include the likes of Ricochet, Will Ospreay, Fenix, and so forth, it is certainly a collection of some of the finest talent the world has to offer. SO! The big question on everyone’s mind is thus: “Who is going to walk away with the championship?” Well that is what I am about to assess in this article. This list is all the wrestlers taking part in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic ranked from those least likely to win to those most likely to win.

NOW! I am going to put forth some criteria. I should STRESS that this list is who is most likely to win the championship. It is NOT how well they will do in the tournament. It is reasons like this that Tajiri will be low on my list. This is due to the fact that this tournament that is, most likely, going to propel a wrestler that WWE want to push or sign to a contract and people like Tajiri are there to propel those guys forward. Tajiri may do well in the tournament. But win? Eh, I don’t think so. So just keep that in mind when reading this. Also, for the sake of this not being a book, I will try to keep the descriptions short and link everyone to a page where you can read more material. With that said, let’s get started. Continue reading “WWE Cruiserweight Classic Participants Ranked from Least Likely to Most Likely to Win the Tournament”

Valve Corporation Game Franchises Ranked from Great to Greatest

1265px-Valve_logo.svgLet’s be honest here, The Valve Corporation may very well be the greatest video game developing company of all time. They have given us Steam, have consolidated an entire PC Gaming community into the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race under Gabe Newell, and have consistently given us some of the greatest video games of all time. While other prominent developers like Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Rockstar North have put out either bad or forgettable games, Valve has remained rock solid by sticking to a small amount of solid titles.

Originally, I wanted to make this list the Valve Corporation Games ranked from Worst to Best… But than I realized that this was a bit of a misnomer. Because, out of the five games listed, the lowest of the five will still receive a 4/5 from me. It would be very wrong of me to call it the ‘worst’ Valve game when they have all been stellar. So, with that said, I decided to instead go with The Valve Franchise Games Ranked from Great to Greatest.

KEEP IN MIND before we start this list, that I am not going to be including games that were originally Half-Life mods on this list. So games like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Alien Swarm, Ricochet, and Deathmatch Classic will be included in the Half Life listed below. Sure, these games became independent games, but they still started as a part of Half-Life. With that being said, we will start this list with number 5. Continue reading “Valve Corporation Game Franchises Ranked from Great to Greatest”

Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions of All Time

wcwcwBefore we go forward, I should preface this list with the fact that I am not going to be covering ALL the belts that were featured in WCW and ECW. As a matter of fact, I will only be looking at the championships as well as a few other choice belts that I feel need to be covered. I also will not be covering the secondary titles in WCW and ECW because I feel that secondary titles are meant to enhance talent to the next stage which is of course the Championship and since both belts are now defunked, the secondary titles prestige and lineage are somewhat moot.

After saying that, I would like to cover the championship belt from WCW that was every bit as prestigious and important as the WCW Championship was back in the day. No joke when I was watching wrestling as a kid, I typically saw the person holding the Cruiserweight championship as the true champion of WCW instead of the slow plodding old guys that dominated the World title scene. I would take 1 Ultimo Dragon and Chris Jericho over 10000 geriatric Hulk Hogans and slow and awkward Kevin Nashs. The Cruiserweight division was just more fun and it had athletes who were small, quick, and excellent wrestlers. I am very much happy that it is people who found their home in this division that are now seen as the true World Champions instead of slow fat guys smacking each other. So of course when I talk about former WCW Championships, this one is easily the first that comes to mind. So here is the Top 5 Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions.

Keep in mind as always that this is my personal opinion based on the title reign’s impact on the championship and the wrestler. If you have a different opinion please add a comment and we will debate. With that said, we start with the worst. Continue reading “Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions of All Time”

Top 4 Netflix Originals You Should Watch Right Now (1/29/2015)

I love streaming. At the low price of $8.00 a month you and your friends can share in the joys of cable television like HBO and Stars, but without having to sift through their line up to find the movie you want to watch. Now thanks to streams we can binge watch our favorite shows and movies to our heart’s content. Netflix has evolved over time and has now added original content to their website for us to enjoy. With this addition and joined with its competitors Hulu and Amazon Prime, I feel that it is only a matter of time before Internet Streaming Sites will make cable television a thing of the past. But I digress from today’s topic.

Since Netflix has released its original content, it has been met with overwhelming success from the public. There have been varying levels of success with each of these series and one-off comedy specials or movies. Today we are going to be looking at the Top 4 Netflix originals You Should Watch Right Now!

Before we get started I just want to reiterate that this list is my own personal opinion based on my views of each of these shows. If you disagree, please leave a comment. I love a good debate. But beyond that, on with the list. Continue reading “Top 4 Netflix Originals You Should Watch Right Now (1/29/2015)”

The Best and Worst Video Games of 2014

You know, at first I was not going to make a best and worst video games list of 2014. As I stated earlier in the year, the concept of buying/renting video games had become an expensive adventure and I wanted to focus more on movies instead of video games for my site. But then I realized as I was looking over all my reviews of 2014 that I did in fact have a good enough portion of video games that I reviewed to make a decent list out of them and said, oh hell why not?

Looking back at 2014 when it comes to video games is like going to a strip club on a Tuesday. Ugliness and desperation as far as the eye can see, all of which are hoping you too are desperate enough to give them money for what is by all accounts sub par entertainment. The vast majority of video games released by the big dogs have not necessarily been bad as they have been ‘mediocre’ and ‘safe’. Which is depressing when you realize that the industry needs a swift kick in the balls that none of the games are willing to do. But there have been a couple of gems to come out and today we are going to highlight the ones that rule the shit house roost and the few that were able to crawl out of the cesspool of filth that is the video game industry of 2014. Continue reading “The Best and Worst Video Games of 2014”

Top 4 Reasons Why Binge Watching on Netflix is a Good Thing

downloadThere is a surprising trend I have noticed on the internet as of late. A very odd one at that. With the rise of the ‘Netflix Original Series’ with such television shows as Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, House of Cards, and so forth there has been a wave of critics who have been very harsh to the series, citing that these are not meant to be television shows and are catered to people who are going to ‘binge watch’ a series instead of watch them once a week and so forth. The more that I see these people complaining, the more and more confused I become. I still do not understand why this is a problem. I mean other than being a couch potato in front of your computer or television screen for the better part of fourteen hours which can do no favors to your health, the concept of binge watching a season is not that bad or horrific of a concept that people are making it out to be. So we find ourselves on this topic today. I’m playing the devil’s advocate here and say that this new sensation of binge watching isn’t a bad thing, but it is the future of television watching in the future.

Once again I would like to preface this with the statement that this is my own list. If you disagree with it, that is cool. I love a good debate so please add it in the comments. Other than that, let’s get started with the list. Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons Why Binge Watching on Netflix is a Good Thing”

Top 4 Reasons Why Doctor Who is the Best Television Show Idea Ever

imagesDoctor Who… The British Science Fiction television show about the time traveling Doctor and his various companions as they travel through time and space in the TARDIS saving the universe as we know it week after week. The show has been running since 1963 and has only hit one snag in the 1990’s before being rebooted in 2005. So far 11 people have played the crazy Galifrayan in the Big Blue Box with the twelfth coming early next year.

This show has been going on for six decades now and could be considered one of the longest running television shows of all time. While calling it the greatest television show of all time is very premature, the fact that a show can survive six decades while others struggle to survive six seasons is a pretty impressive task. Now personally, I absolutely love the show and is one I can watch anytime that I am board. Plus on a personal note I do consider it one of the greatest television shows of all time as well. Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons Why Doctor Who is the Best Television Show Idea Ever”