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Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games: An Analysis

200px-Battle_Royale_JapaneseHunger_gamesAround the time The Hunger Games movie was released and people were praising both the book as well as the film for being a very gripping and original tale, the agitated manga otaku of the world were crying foul and betrayal from the rooftops. They demanded that the teenage death match game show that preceded The Hunger Games, Koushun Takami’s novel turned manga Battle Royale. For those unaware of these two books, both Battle Royale and The Hunger Games is set in a distopian future where a group of teenagers are forced into a fight to the death for the entertainment of others. It is a straight up gladiator style tournament where out of all the contestants (42 for Battle Royale and 24 for Hunger Games) only one can achieve victory. Continue reading “Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games: An Analysis”