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Double Feature… But Doubled!: Captain Marvel, Five Feet Apart, Alita: Battle Angel, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral

Here were are, with another article of Double Feature and, in this instance, we have a DOUBLE Double Feature as I saw four movies this week, all of which are WILDLY different movies from one another. With that being said, let’s dive in with the big one: Captain Marvel! Continue reading “Double Feature… But Doubled!: Captain Marvel, Five Feet Apart, Alita: Battle Angel, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral”

The Best Movies of 2016

2016 can finally be put to bed for me. I can now focus on the 2017 movies… Which is in January… The literal graveyard of movies where shitty horror movies and poorly conceived Oscar bait dwell… OH GOD HELP ME!┬áBut… Before I wade waist deep in the cesspool that is January movies, I do want to have one last fond memory of movies that made me smile in 2016. So this is the annual list of the greats, the Best Movies of 2016!

I do want to reiterate like the broken record that I am that these are ONLY MOVIES I HAVE SEEN AND REVIEWED! It you are wondering why a movie got a snub from me, it is probably because I did not see it. I try to see as many movies as possible. But I am just one man on the internet working on a grad student budget. I’m not exactly swimming in the cash.

I also want to state one more time that this is the BEST movies of 2016, not Tanner’s FAVORITE movies of 2016. That would be an amazingly different list. I am judging movies on the quality of the movie, the ambition of the product, and the staying power of a film in the history of cinema. So even though one movie was my favorite, it might not even be on this list at all. So with those said, let’s get this list kicked off with an honorable mention. Continue reading “The Best Movies of 2016”

Tanner Reviews Deadpool (The Game)

Deadpool_video_game_coverDeadpool and I have a mutual understanding. I accept that he is a genuinely funny and enjoyable character who is one of the greatest feel good, just sit back and enjoy the fun type of characters… And I do not bitch too much when his constant fourth wall breaking and meta jokes gets on my nerves so much I want to hit someone over the head with a sledgehammer. I struggle to think of a bigger understatement when I say that Deadpool is an acquired taste. You either love the guy and the type of in your face insane humor that he brings… Or you find it unbearably annoying and almost unthinkable to even watch. As for me… I tend to MOST of the time fall into the latter of those two. I am not the biggest Deadpool fan personally though I can respect the humor that he brings and I can easily see why he is so popular. It is just one of those things where, it really isn’t for me and if it is for me then I have to be in the right frame of mind to deal with it. So whenever I rented Deadpool (The Game) to play for the site… I did have to be in the right mind-set to pick it up and play it. Which I promptly got myself into. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Deadpool (The Game)”