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At the Movies: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tanner’s Revised Top 25 Favorite Movie of All Time

So, considering the fact that I have finally decided to write the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time… Which is coming soon… I decided to revisit one of my favorite posts of all time: My Favorite Movies of All Time. Here is the thing, opinions change, ideas change, and ultimately my tastes have changed. Some movies have become more prevelent in my mind. Some… Some have fallen off the board altogether. When I originally created my Top 25 list… I completely snubbed a few of my favorite movies due to good ole fashion forgetfulness. As such, movies like Die Hard and Reservoir Dogs have made and rectified the list. So with that said, please enjoy my Top 25 FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME!

Honorable Mentions
Shaun of the Dead
Kill Bill
The Lion King
Strangers on a Train
Pulp Fiction
The Dark Knight
La Finestra di Fronte
Howl’s Moving Castle
The Guardians of the Galaxy Continue reading “Tanner’s Revised Top 25 Favorite Movie of All Time”

Batman Live-Action Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

So… Seeing as how I just discussed Batman vs. Superman in a way that has given me massive attention, for both agreement and anger, I decided that what could be better than to keep this superhero train a chugging and rank all of the Batman movies from worst to best! Now, before I get into the list, I will say right now that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will not be on this list for a number of reasons. The first reason is because I always dislike the idea of including something that “just happened” on to a list like this for shock value. Especially since it hasn’t had time to sit and stew like the other movies have. Second, the movie is technically still a Superman movie and featured in the Superman canon, with Batman joining in the fray. So with that being said, let’s look at these eight gems. Continue reading “Batman Live-Action Movies Ranked from Worst to Best”

Tanner Reviews Batman Returns (8/17/2014)

Batman_returns_poster2After just returning from Bowling Green’s Humans vs. Zombies Summer Invitational, I find myself physically and mentally exhausted after the long two-day event. So when I got home and sat in front of my computer screen, I decided it was time to tackle something old, nostalgic, and a little easy on the mind. So I looked to my shelf and found my answer, the answer to Tim Burton’s 1980 superhero film Batman, the much more out there and bizarre Batman Returns. I’ve mentioned before that I have a love hate relationship when it comes to Burton and his style of films, some of them I find enjoyable in their own special Burtonesque kind of way like Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice, while other movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland have left me with nothing but a taste of hatred and disdain. So where does Batman Returns fall into this category? Well a little bit in the middle. Just like his interpretation of Dark ShadowsBatman Returns is one of those movies that could have been something special if it hadn’t been for too much creative control. I commend Burton for having a very unique eye for cinema and a unique aesthetic. But whenever it is left unchecked, you are bound to get some wild results. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Batman Returns (8/17/2014)”