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The Worst Films of 2013

So now that we have completed the Best and Worst of Video Games from 2013, it is time to delve into my comfort zone of film to finish off 2013. So after seeing American Hustle over the weekend, I am quite confident that it will not finds its way onto this particular list… But I am also a little busy today so writing a full review will be a little cumbersome. So with this in mind, I am going to finish my worst list for today, then review American Hustle tomorrow, and on Tuesday I will finish with the Best Films of 2013 and after  that I will be back on my regular schedule.

Just to keep in mind these are films that I have personally seen and reviewed. I do not have the money to see every movie that came out in 2013 so if there is one I missed, I apologize. But if I did not see it then I cannot review it. But other than that, on to the list. Continue reading “The Worst Films of 2013”

Tanner Reviews Movie 43

215px-Movie_43_posterIt has been a year now… A year since the release of what is without a doubt one of the worst movies ever made. I heard of how horrendous Movie 43 when it first came out in January of 2013. But in my mind I simply could not believe what I was hearing from other critics. Exaggeration sometimes comes with the territory when dealing with critics, I’ll admit it. So when I was reading ‘one of the worst movies ever made.’ I had a hard time believing the rumors… And then I saw it… It took me a long time to see it but by the time it popped up on Netflix I gave it a go and after seeing it… Yeah this abomination is easily one of the worst films ever made period. Even then I feel like the term ‘worst film ever made’ does not quite do it justice. Please trust me when I say with no hyperbole… This is honestly one of the worst movies ever. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Movie 43”