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Tanner Reviews Overwatch

overwatch_cover_art_pcSo it is finals week and as such, I am fucking busy most of the hours of my life. As such keeping up with the post was incredibly difficult. But I think I am finally back on some kind of decent track and as such, I am going to talk about what might easily be one of the best games I have played in recent years. When Overwatch first came out, I didn’t initially get into the hype as I don’t tend to with most things. Pragmatism has its pros and cons just as everything. But after my girlfriend Kitty, being the awesome person that she is, got me the game, I have been hooked for the past couple of weeks. This thing is fucking awesome and easily a true ray of sunlight in an otherwise bleak year of 2016 in video gaming and otherwise.

Overwatch’s story is less told in the game and more told in short videos as well as comics posted about the game. The game itself is just an arena based first person shooter. The story of Overwatch is a story that is set in the near future. After the creation of sentient AI Omnics, robots do what robots inevitably do and turn on humanity creating the Omnic crisis. A group of soldiers from around the world were put together to form the Overwatch Organization meant to fight the Omnic threat. Soon Omnics and humans began to coexist but Overwatch was disbanded and made illegal for a number of different reasons. The game itself takes place after the assassination of a prolific Omnic who was promoting peace among people. That is how our story begins. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Overwatch”

Tanner Reviews Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

headerI swear that I keep to a schedule… At least I try to. I guess that is the grad student’s lament. Other things take a hint as you torture yourself with work in order to get that next piece of validation paper. At any rate, I am still alive and kicking and I really need to break in the 2016 gaming schedule with a game that is unlike anything that I have seen before. It is a unique game and an interesting addition to the simulator genre, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Talk about an interesting game, it has been a long time since I have seen a game that includes a manual to be used outside of the game. What a unique concept!

So the basic idea of KTaNE is a party game for you and your friends akin to You Don’t Know Jack. Essentially, one of you takes on the job as the bomb diffuser. You give your partner information about the case as you try to diffuse various aspects of a bomb. Your friend, the expert, reads from a manual and dictates what you should do in order for the bomb not to explode while they are shielded from the screen. The idea of the game is to keep good communication between you and your friend so that none of you explode and kill everyone due to your piss poor bomb diffusing tactics. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”

Tanner Reviews Team Fortress 2

250px-Tf2_standaloneboxSorry again for another late post. Hopefully this will be the last as my days in Youngstown are coming to an end. With that being said, it is time to talk about one of the most popular multiplayer and free to play games out there on the market today, Team Fortress 2. Probably one of the most different multiplying experiences out there, Team Fortress 2 brings some of the things that I love best in a video game to the table. It is free, it is fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it is absolutely addicting. Team Fortress 2 is one of those classic games that will stick with us for generations to come.

While there isn’t much of a plot per see in the game itself (thought it appears in the comic books), Team Fortress 2 is basically a big competitive arena where nine different and unique characters pile into one area and absolutely annihilate each other. One team is the Reliable Excavation and Demolition or RED for short and the second is Builders League United or BLU. Other than that and some really creative trailers… That is pretty much all there is to it… Well that and hats, a WHOLE LOT OF HATS! But beyond that is nothing but explosiony fun. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Team Fortress 2”