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At the Movies: Murder on the Orient Express & Wish Upon

Films to Keep an Eye on in 2017

Now that we are well into the new year, we have a great deal to look forward to in 2017. There are some movies coming out this year to definitely keep an eye on for better or for worse. Looking through the list of releases, there is some big sequels, continuations, reboots, and new movies that could make the top or the bottom of the list once January rolls around again. So with that said, let us step away from the past and looking with a cautiously optimistic eye to the future for some potential big movies in 2017. Continue reading “Films to Keep an Eye on in 2017”

Tanner Reviews Murder on the Orient Express (10/18/2013)

Hopefully this will be the last old video for a while and next week we will have another episode of the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth up. But for now please enjoy this classic video from a year back.

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