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Crit or Miss: Space Pirates the Musical

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Cheesy Romance Month: High Fidelity

High_Fidelity_posterGuess what month it is?! One of my favorite months of the year! It is the month of February! It is the month when love is in the air… The cold air… The freezing cold air of a desolate winter wasteland… Well okay this winter has been somewhat balmy but that doesn’t exactly work for the joke so work with me here! Either way… It is now time for year three of Cheesy Romance Month! It is that time of the month where I dedicate the Tuesdays of my reviews to some of the cheesiest romantic comedies to ever exist! Last year we went through Adventureland, She’s All That, and I finished with Fifty Shades of Grey. NOW is the time we get into some more of the classics… ‘classics’… Okay so we will be looking at, in the words of Jack Black, over sentimental tacky crap. So today, let’s talk about High Fidelity. Continue reading “Cheesy Romance Month: High Fidelity”

Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera

RepoGeneticOperaOfficialPosterNothing makes you feel more classy and sophisticated than watching an opera. There is just something about the word alone that makes you want to dawn your finest threads, put on a top hat, a monacle, and shove your nose so far in the air you could practically collect rain water in your nostrils. A story told completely through song that is the definition of class!… Even if that film is under the direction of the guy behind three of the four films from the Saw series in Darren Lynn Bousman and the brain child of career weird guy Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith. Repo: The Genetic Opera is a gothic teenager’s wet dream wrapped up in one gritty musically astonishing bow. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera”

Tanner’s Top 4 Biggest Sell Out Bands of All Time

imagesAh the realm of music. I have to give it to my fellow critics who review music. Out of all the visual/auditory media that is out there music is definitely the most subjective. Unlike other media that are relatively new creations in the grand scheme of life itself, music has been around since synchronized auditory noise was invented by some cave man grunting after he killed a saber tooth tiger. Music has evolved over time and is an integral part in our very psyche. Continue reading “Tanner’s Top 4 Biggest Sell Out Bands of All Time”