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Crit or Miss: Space Pirates the Musical

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Tanner Reviews Phantom of the Paradise

395px-Phantom_of_the_Paradise_movie_posterI definitely did some digging into the vaults in order to find this cult classic buried deep within the rest of the seventies. The first ‘modern’ retelling of the classic story of the brooding and scared Phantom who falls in love with the lovely Christine and can only express it through the art of song. The Phantom of the Opera is a timeless classic and one of the staples of theater pieces and on that note drama in general. Since its creation in 1909 it surprises me that it took damn near 70 years for someone to come along and put a ‘modern’ spin on the story (and by modern I mean 1970’s modern). But in 1974 through the shared minds of director Brian De Palma and music legend Paul Williams the Phantom of the Paradise was born. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Phantom of the Paradise”