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Tanner Reviews Firefly

FireflyopeninglogoSo guess whose birthday is tomorrow?… Of course it would be this guy! Yep, my birthday is tomorrow and in honor of it I thought I would take it a little easy this Tuesday and review one of my favorite all be it short-lived television shows of all time, Firefly. Yes, once again I let my nerd flag fly high and proud as I will freely admit to my extreme admiration for the 2001 Science Fiction show produced and written by a young Joss Whedon. The fourteen episode long cult classic had the misfortune of falling into the black pit of despair that is the Fox Line Up and has since found quite a cult following from fans that have led to many calling for a revival of the series and the creation of the feature-length movie Serenity. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Firefly”

Tanner Reviews Much Ado About Nothing

MuchAdoSo who in their wildest imagination thought that they would see Joss Whedon make a black and white film based off of a Shakespearean comedy, that stars Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher of Firefly fame as well as Agent Phil Couleson himself, Clark Gregg? Honestly, is there  anyone out there that ever thought they would see this movie? When I first heard about Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, I wasn’t as much worried about a terrible movie as I was just shocked that all of this could come together in the first place. The mere concept alone of a Whedon take on a Shakespearean comedy just blew my mind to the point that if you could look into my head all you would see is a blue screen of death. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Much Ado About Nothing”

Tanner Reviews Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Doctor_Horrible_BannerWith only seven more days until my trip to Origins Game Fair… I thought it would be appropriate to review something that seems to be nerd incarnate. A 45 minute string of videos made by Joss Whedon with the assistance of his family members Zack and Jed. The film starred Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and fucking Neil Patrick Harris himself, this film is the  definition of awesome personified! NPH from How I Met Your Mother has become a walking talking internet meme, Nathan Fillion none other than Mal Reynolds himself from Firefly, and Felica Day from Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer not to mention Whedon whose credentials speak for themselves… Sweet Jesus the nerdery is glorious. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”