Tanner Reviews Company of Heroes 2

256px-Company_of_Heroes_2_coverI do love Steam. Especially when they offer a free three-day test of certain games. Over the weekend the offer was extended to me to play Saints Row IV and Company of Heroes 2. Seeing as how I already reviewed Saints Row IV (which you can view by clicking here), I decided it was time to give Company of Heroes 2 a go. I never got a chance to play the first Company of Heroes, but I always am a fan of real-time strategy games so it was certainly worth a play through. While I can  safely say that my experience to the game was positive, there was never a moment where I was blown away by anything that I was seeing. Real-Time strategy games based around World War II are a dime a dozen in the gaming world so another one released is not necessarily breaking new ground. But all things considered it is still an enjoyable play. Continue reading