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From the Vaults: Digimon

downloadWhenever I was a kid, I absolutely loved Pokemon and Digimon. I was not one of the people who found themselves in one of the two camps and then challenged the elitism of the other side on which one was better. They were both equally fun in my childhood mind and I loved watching them on TV and pretending to be the characters as a child. When it came to staying value however, Pokemon is easily the winner. While Digimon slipped from my mind, Pokemon has remain a constant force of entertainment for me.

But after seeing Digimon on Netflix and the subsequent nostalgia boner soon followed, I decided to give it another watch… And boy was I disappointed. I don’t know if years of abscense or the fact that I am older and have more brain cells at my disposal has made me see the series for what it is, but man I was expecting a much better experience than what I got.

Digimon is the story of creatures that live in the Digital World. One day, a group of kids are teleported into this strange new world and are given special devices as well as their very own Digimon as their companion. Together, these kids and their Digimon, dubbed the DigiDestined) have to take on evil forces that threaten the safety of the digital world and real world. Continue reading “From the Vaults: Digimon”

Tanner Reviews Yu-Gi-Oh

downloadOh Netflix you cruel mistress. Why must you take so many hours of my life away with promises of long forgotten nostalgia? I had forgotten about the original Yu-Gi-Oh years ago and the cards of which have been left to rot in a box in my closet. But man when I saw that image did the memories come flooding back to me. Yu-Gi-Oh was never as popular as Pokemon or Magic the Gathering. But it did fit into that category of collectibles that middle schoolers, teenagers, and nerds would collect until the next new shiny object came rolling on to shelves. I did enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh when I was younger and playing the card games but after a while the novelty did where off on me and I moved on to other interests on my journey to the grave. But after seeing this on Netflix, the question did spurn my mind… What do I think of the series after giving it a second watch? Well why don’t we just find that out.  Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Yu-Gi-Oh”