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Tanner Reviews The Bling Ring

The_Bling_Ring_posterSo this week I went to see a mediocre movie that is about the lives of terrible people… I could beat around the bush, but really what is the point? That is what it is. What else can I say? What is the point of this movie? Why make a movie about a bunch of thieves who steal for the rich and give to themselves for their own petty self-interest? The fact that this movie exists and brings more attention to these people just bugs me to no end… As far as the movie is concerned? Well like I said it is mediocre. It isn’t the worst thing that I have ever seen and I will give it this. At least it was slightly better than¬†Spring Breakers.¬†

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Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera

RepoGeneticOperaOfficialPosterNothing makes you feel more classy and sophisticated than watching an opera. There is just something about the word alone that makes you want to dawn your finest threads, put on a top hat, a monacle, and shove your nose so far in the air you could practically collect rain water in your nostrils. A story told completely through song that is the definition of class!… Even if that film is under the direction of the guy behind three of the four films from the Saw series in Darren Lynn Bousman and the brain child of career weird guy Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith. Repo: The Genetic Opera is a gothic teenager’s wet dream wrapped up in one gritty musically astonishing bow. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera”