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Tanner Reviews Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch_Perfect_2_posterOh the woes of a good movie being released the same week as Mad Max: Fury Road, which is still one of the best damn movies I have ever seen. It took me and what I will assume to be many others months to finally see Pitch Perfect 2 due to its release date that may very well be the poster child for bad timing. But now that we are well past its release date and approaching the month of October, it is high time to look back at the sequel to the potential classic movie Pitch PerfectPitch Perfect 2.

I am going to start this review off by saying that there is certainly nothing wrong with this movie. It is rather good in just about every aspect. There were no major complaints on technical levels. But I will say that the movie was certainly safe. Like many popular sequels, Pitch Perfect 2 can be summed up with ‘a well told retracing of the previous movie.’ Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Pitch Perfect 2”

From the Vaults: Pitch Perfect

Pitch_Perfect_movie_posterSo today, we open up the vault to a fascinating little 2012 movie that just recently received a sequel in this year’s lineup. I have to say that when this movie first rolled around, I did not find myself interested. It just didn’t seem like a movie that was geared towards me and I let it slip right by my site. Then, my girlfriend, Kitty, introduced me to the movie recently and since that moment… I have to say that this will be one of the most iconic cult classics of the 2010’s. This is such an excellent movie; it is so relatable, and it knows how to cultivate relationships and comradery with those who watch it. This is the kind of movie that every choir group needs to see. This movie will be shown on high school and college choir trips for decades to come. Continue reading “From the Vaults: Pitch Perfect”