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Tanner at the Movies: IT (2017), Death Note, & Home Again

Marriage Month: Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet_Home_Alabama_filmA week ago I made a list of My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures. On it, I naturally listed the Ten movies that I thought were technically bad movies… But I still enjoyed watching over and over again. This movie almost made the list but stayed off for two reasons. One, I wanted to save it for Marriage Month and more importantly… I think that this is a genuinely great movie. While it can certainly fit into the category of cheesy romantic comedies yes, I have stated before that when it comes to rom coms, I do enjoy them with a very heavy helping of cheese. The 2002 romantic comedy named after southern rock band Lynard Skynard’s hit song by the same named, starring Reese Witherspoon, and directed by Andy Tennant remains in my opinion one of the more underrated romantic comedies of the last decade. Continue reading “Marriage Month: Sweet Home Alabama”